Top Payment Integration Trends

Top Payment Integration Trends in 2019

Our vast experience in payment gateway integration Austin, we are assured when we state we can deal with all your business payment gateway needs. We provide reusable code to various transactions, work with your payment provider to guarantee that all business needs are comprehended and arranged before integration.

Below is the list of the top payment gateways we work with;

PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

PayPal Payment Gateway Integration
  • PayPal has proven success: the payment gateway boasts up to 44 percent higher checkout conversion for businesses that utilize it. In addition, they offer fraud protection, live support, and extensive cart compatibility. It works with all significant shopping carts and e-commerce platforms.
  • Scales to your business, regardless of whether you’re a high-traffic hotshot or developing local business. In addition, they offer various versions of their payment gateways, as PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, and Braintree.
  • In as meager as 15 minutes, you add a primary PayPal button on your site. With that additional time, you can concentrate on making more sales.

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Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

  • Stripe Payment Gateway features the best Payment Gateway of cutting edge e-commerce payment gateways: secure, customizable, speedy, and easy-to-setup. Additionally, the additional services will prevail upon you, such as enabling clients to purchase items directly from a tweet or saving card information for one single-click checkout.
  • It can consistently be integrated into sites and mobile applications using its API or plugin
  • Stripe’s Sigma service enables businesses to effortlessly view sales information and analytics progressively, giving understanding that can enable you to refine and improve operations for increased adequacy and growth.
  • Stripe Radar is programmed to distinguish and maintain a strategic distance from card charge scams.

WePay Payment Gateway Integration

WePay Payment Gateway Integration

  • WePay payment gateway is a safe, secure, dependable and trusted online payment gateway that acknowledges payments from all known credit and debit cards and even bank transfers.
  • Got customers/clients with a unique request? WePay is prepared to deal with complex payment requests, similar to multiple payers or crowdfunding campaigns, and works for sites of different sizes
  • Customized for e-shops with global clients, just as domestic, WePay offers a helpful support center for businesses using the gateway.
  • It is PCI-DSS compliant and furthermore incorporates propelled fraud detection and protection tools.

Apple Pay Payment Gateway Integration

  • Apple pay Payment Gateway offers clients a safe and secure platform for making buys on the web, in IOS applications and even in stores without revealing their own data.
  • Apple pay empowers businesses to reinforce payment security and convenience for merchants and customers.
  • With Apple pay Payment Gateway, Payment can be made with a single touch.
  • The Payment Gateway gives a free transaction rout to anybody with an Apple device, and merchants are not charged for accepting Apple pay on their sites and payment terminals.

Lemonway Payment Gateway Integration

Lemonway Payment gateway Integration

  • Lemonway Payment Gateway is perhaps the best gateway to accept payments from your white Label crowdfunding software, e-Commerce site, the commercial center, or Fin-tech Company.
  • Its agile payment gateway enables you to alter your payment flows and integrate them into your platform, in full compliance.
  • Allows identification of your clients in consistence with current European regulations (KYC, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering, and so forth.)
  • Every one of the highlights of its API made accessible to you for ideal control and monitoring of your clients, their transactions and your commissions.

CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration

  • CCAvenue Payment Gateway gives the best payment gateway to e-Commerce in India.
  • Offers Multiple Currency Processing: Go Global, deliver localized buying experience and avoid conversion disputes
  • Offers Smart Dynamic Routing: Switch transactions dynamically relying upon the bank’s performance to guarantee reliably high achievement rates.
  • Offers free shopping cart: Integrate the CCAvenue Shopping Cart with your site and start selling on the web in under 24 hours with the most fundamental HTML information
  • Offers a smooth, quick and frictionless purchasing experience: This element empowers clients to store their credit and debit credentials, billing and shipping details in a PCI compliant environment for future use.

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Pi Pay Payment Gateway Integration

Pi Pay Payment Gateway
  • Pi Pay is the most innovative and complete cashless payment gateway built around a customer confronting application that consolidates merchant payment gateways with a scope of social and lifestyle highlights including Chat, Maps and Friend Finder, and a growing network of retail accomplices.
  • Keep in touch with your network through our chat function, and different highlights that will permit money sharing and gift-giving.
  • Spare time for buyers and merchants the same with an easy-to-use platform that advantages the two parties to a transaction
  • Monitor all your expenditure in one spot. Not any more wonderings where the money went.

Paystack Payment Gateway Integration

  • Paystack is the quickest, most straightforward online Payment Gateway integration in Africa. From making payments to signing up to events and programs, it can take under 15 minutes.
  • Just charges a minor fee for every effective transaction, which means they truly possibly make money when you do, and they strive to guarantee each transaction succeeds.
  • They automatically route payments through the ideal channels, guaranteeing the most elevated transaction success rates in the market.
  • The blend of automated and manual fraud systems protect you from fraudulent transactions and associated chargeback claims.

MangoPay Payment Gateway Integration

MangoPay Payment Gateway Integration

  • A trendy Payment Gateway from Luxembourg that enables you to make and acknowledges payments from crowdfunding platforms, marketplaces, and fin-tech platforms.
  • Make payments simple for clients by allowing them to pay in numerous currencies and with various payment methods.
  • Automate all payment flows and commissions with one single contract so you can concentrate on the development of your platform.
  • Keep your payments and transaction safe and secure gratitude to multiple anti-fraud and money laundering prevention tools.

Wallet Payment Gateway Integration

  • TNG Wallet Payment gateway is Hong Kong’s significant online Payment Gateway with a dependable security framework for upgrading a smooth progression of business activity
  • The Payment Gateway takes into account top-up merchant service through various payment platforms, for example, the physical store, site, and mobile application.
  • Highly encrypted and secure, for your highest protection and data privacy.
  • The e-Membership framework enables merchants to be completely connected with clients.

Rally Pay Payment Gateway Integration

  • Rally pay payment gateway empowers merchants to sell more and increase ROI with its unique payment tools and Omnichannel foundation
  • Rally pay payment gateway acknowledges all card types and ACH, and it is PCI compliant.
  • No hidden fees, Rally Pay possibly profits on the off chance that you do!
  • Rally pay helps raise a donation for individual and organizations with a “single-click” donation method.

Payment Gateway Integration

Braintree Payment Gateway Integration

  • PayPal powers Braintree payment gateway that delivers an assortment of payment gateways through one smooth integration that enables your business skyrocket ROI by boosting sales and increasing conversion rates
  • Offers standard and propelled levels of fraud protection to allow you to recognize and respond to potential threats
  • Unlock local mass payout capabilities for worldwide merchants to beneficiaries in 200+ nations and regions.