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To avoid writing different codes for app developing platforms, cross-platform development was introduced. Since its introduction, various notable tools have emerged to help developers make good use of the innovation. Over the years, different tools have been developed for use, but developers did not stop expanding as they aim to break through new technologies in order to develop high-performing applications that will also aid in time optimization.

The solution was made known through the introduction of flutter app development. Flutter is a modern open-source software which is used to build applications for iOS and Android. Being a recent development, Flutter provides solution to the seemingly unsolvable problems caused by earlier development.

What We Do

At Rockers Technology, we develop mobile applications for clients across the world. Our goal is to create flutter applications that change lives, increase return on investment and make the world a better place. Every Mobile or web application designed by our expert technicians is highly functional, flexible, expressive and has a robust architecture. Trust us to turn your app project idea into a unique and profitable application.

Cross-Platform Application Development

Cross-Platform Application Development

Our cross-platform app development solutions are cost-effective and customized to meet your business needs. Our team of experts will design and cross-platform apps that are responsive and unique.

Flutter Chat Application Development

Flutter Chat Application Development

We can create mobile applications that help users send and receive messages just in time. Our chat apps for the web and the mobile site also provide support for images and documents and offer fast load time.

Flutter iOS and Android App Development

Flutter iOS and Android App Development

With our flutter app development technicians, creating your iOS and android application has got easy. We will deliver highly responsive mobile apps, offer fast performance and run with no bugs.

Flutter Migration and upgrade services

Flutter Migration and upgrade services

If you want to migrate to the flutter app or upgrade your flutter app to a new version, our team of expert technicians are here to help out. We offer agile flutter migration and upgrade services that provide the best user experience in real-time.

Flutter QA & Testing Services

Flutter QA & Testing Services

With our end to end flutter QA and testing services, our quality testers ensure that your application functions at optional quality across all platforms.

Flutter Consulting Services

Flutter Consulting Services

We are here to answer all your flutter app development questions and other queries related to cross-platform application development.

Flutter App Development Process

Have a Project in Your Mind?


We will love to build your next project together. It could be a mobile app for your startup, an upgrade on your app or any of the services offered by our company. Get in touch with our team of expert technicians.


Sign NDA


We will understudy your project details, go into a contract with you and provide the non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality of all information.


Start Development


Our expert team will thoroughly review your project details before getting started. In the end, we aim to deliver a next-gen application that is user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective.


Flutter App Development Services and Skill-set Needed for a Digital Age

Android and iOS App DevelopmentAndroid and iOS App Development

When it comes to empowering startups with highly functional and top-notch Android/iOS Applications, Rockers Technology is always a step ahead. Our team of experts are professional in building flexible apps with quick load time.

Cross-Platform Unified App Development

Cross-Platform Unified App Development

We use the best cross-platform technology backed up by Google to design apps for all types of platforms like web, Android, iOS and desktop.

Build Industry-Specific Solutions

Build Industry-Specific Solutions

Using the best practices and our state of the art technology, we build industry-specific solutions that present the best possible user experience. In addition, our apps are designed and customized for your business needs.

Improvisation & Security

Improvisation & Security

Our flutter app development services ensure the creation of bug-free applications with data security. Our Flutter development experts write single codes, which are compiled into cross-platform apps for native devices.

Flutter App Development Company

Rockers Technology is a world-class flutter app development company with clients across the globe. We have the right skill and technical expertise to create your next-gen app using Google’s tool kits, flutter.

With years of expertise in flutter app development for web, mobile and desktop, we only build world-class applications that transform your business and improve user’s experience. We also offer a customized and wide array of flutter app development services to increase your brand value and meet your business needs.

Flutter App Development
Flutter App Development Team

Flutter App Development Expertise

Unarguably, we have the right expertise to deliver multi-apps that provide seamless user experience, and excellent performance. Both big and small companies trust us to design apps that take their business to the next level. 

Our services are cost-effective, scalable and flexible. As a leader in the flutter app development industry, we have helped companies reach their peak in business. Our team of trustworthy and professional flutter app developers are available to listen to your project idea and create highly functional natives apps on cross-platform.

Build beautiful experiences with our

Flutter app development services

At Rockers Technology, we understand that flutter is a perfect choice in building highly functional iOS, Android, web and more mobile apps with the native interface; this is why we leverage this open-source platform to build apps that deliver a wow experience. All applications created by our team of flutter app developers are flexible, scalable, highly functional and secured.

Product ideation and consultancy
Product ideation and consultancy
Robust Flutter app development
App migration and upgradation
App migration and upgradation
Continuous maintenance support
maintenance support

Why Flutter for Application Development

Flutter is Google’s tool kit for the development of web, Mobile and desktop applications. Its use is growing in popularity across sectors of the economy. Almost all companies now depend on flutter to create powerful applications in real-time, from small organizations to large ones.

Flutter offers a wide range of redesigned tools, single code systems, and libraries to develop cross-platform mobile apps. At Rockers Technology, we use flutter to reduce app development time, eliminate bugs and see code changes in real-time.


Flutter app uses in different industries

At the moment, flutter apps are used in almost all sectors of the economy. Flutter for app development helps developers create high performing apps and improve user experience in real-time.

Social Share
Social Network
Wellness & Fitness
Oil Gas
Oil & Gas

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A new Perspective of hiring Rockers Technologies to your flutter project

At Rockers Technology, we understand that every project is unique and should be given a customized approach. This is why we offer a free consulting session with our team of mobile app development experts. During this session, we have the time to discover the right solution for your project and how we can be of help.

Build Next-Gen Mobile Apps with Our Flutter App Development Services

When you opt for Rockers Technology Flutter app development services, we will help your business improve its brand value. In addition, we provide industry-specific solutions to help you achieve your business goal.

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What is a Flutter app?

Flutter is Google’s tool kit and an open-source platform that helps developers create high performing applications for Android, iOS, web and desktop. It makes use of a single code system, and it is written in Dart language.

How much does it cost to develop a Flutter Application?

The average cost of developing a flutter application ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. However, this price depends on the features, third party tools, complexity, plugins, among many others.

Why is flutter important in mobile app development?

Flutter is a Google tool kit useful for the development of cross-platform applications. It offers a wide range of designs and customization and makes app development simple.

How much time does it take to develop apps on Flutter?

The time required to create an app on flutter is determined by the app’s features and its complexity. However, the time frame is usually short since the same code can be used on multiple platforms.

Can I move my existing app to Flutter?

Sure you can. Get in touch, and our team of expert flutter developers will migrate your app seamlessly.

Can we schedule a call to discuss my project details?

Definitely, we can. We are available for a call or an email to discuss more details about your app idea at your own convenient time.

Do you sign NDA agreements?

Yes, we do; we offer all clients utmost confidentiality through NDA.

Which firms can use flutter for app development?

Flutter is perfect for firms that need fast mobile app development. Its features allow developers to create highly functional apps that improve user experience and increase ROI.

What kind of performance should I expect from the Flutter app?

For your Android, iOS, desktop and web devices, you should expect native performance from your flutter app.

Can flutter be used in my existing app?

Sure, you can use flutter to add new modules to your existing application.

Ready to get started?

At Rockers technology, our team is fully equipped to provide smooth and easy web and mobile applications without the need to separately develop an Android or Windows application. To hire flutter app developer, call us now!