Mobile Drug Testing Solution

Mobile Drug Testing - A comprehensive drug testing solution designed and developed with a goal to help drug testing service providers better manage and perform drug tests on an employee of clients with the easiest way possible.

Overview & Objective

Keeping workplace drug free is one of the most challenging and law-enforced goal for any organization across the globe. Imagine organizations having more than 3000 employees across several locations and each need to be monitored and tested is the biggest challenge requires remarkable number of manpower and a big budget to make sure the goal of a drug-free Workplace is achieved.

Well, every problem has a solution. We at Rockers Technology have developed Mobile Drug Testing Solution for a client, which can leverage automated workflow and mobile technology to save cost. The client wanted the solution to navigate the decision makers and offer easy to use drug testing solution on the spot through the ever changing complex state and federal rules & regulations.


To streamline the drug testing process, the team at Rockers Technology designed, developed, tested and deployed web and mobile application for iOS and Android devices. The solution methodology includes building a lightweight mobile app to allow employees to request drug test from their location and agency can assign someone to collect samples for drug testing followed by drug testing reports.

Customer Profile

The USA based one and only Mobile/Portable Drug Testing company offer service nationwide. They provide services to the corporate across the United States with on the spot drug testing service to their customers dealing with manufacturing and transportation services.

Technology & Tools

  • Xcode
  • Android Studio
    Android Studio
  • .Net 4.5
    .Net 4.5
  • SQL Server 2014
    SQL Server 2014


  • Ease the drug testing process
  • Time & cost effective
  • Productivity Increased due to continues employee presence
  • Increased safety and reduced accidents
  • No miss or delayed tests
  • Real time decision making
  • Ensuring the right access at the right time
  • Simplifying identification & access management
  • Hassle free & quick document management
  • Complete compliance with local and federal laws
  • Accurate and reliable results

Ready to get started?

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Applications Demo

Mobile Drug Testing solution can be useful to various industries.

Mobile Drug Testing For Employee
Mobile Drug Testing For Employee
Mobile Drug Testing For Collector
Mobile Drug Testing For Collector
Mobile Drug Testing For Supervisor
Mobile Drug Testing For Supervisor
Mobile Drug Testing Admin Demo
Mobile Drug Testing Admin Demo

Mobile Drug Testing is For You!

Mobile Drug Testing suits every Employee, every Manager, every Industry

Commercial Transportation
Taxi/Cab Service
Forklift & JCB Service
Excavation Service
Manufacturing Units
Public & Private Transportation
Airlines Industry
Automobile Industry
Pickup-drop/Courier Service
Sales & Marketing Service