Rally Pay Payment Gateway

With rallypay payment gateway, making and receiving donations, selling and increasing ROI is made seamless.

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    Rallypay Payment Gateway

    Cashless economies are now the real deal. These days the importance of an efficient payment gateway cannot be overemphasized. Secure payment methods like rallypay are available in almost all countries; hence most business owners use rallypay payment gateway. With unique payment tools and omni-channel infrastructure, rallypay payment gateway enable merchants sell more and increase ROI. Rallypay roots are in social impact, as such rallypay has helped raise millions for individual and organizations with a “one-click” donation method, raising funds has never been more efficient. Rallypay payment gateway accepts all card types and ACH, and it is PCI compliant. Rallypay also include an SMS payment channel to accommodate your payments needs.

    Rallypay payment gateway is built to scale and can serve the smallest start-up company or the largest organization. Be it a sale or fundraising we at Rockers Technology are the best online payment gateway integration service. We will analyze your business thoroughly and effectively integrate rallypay into your website and app to increase donation conversion up to 300%, increase fulfilled pledges, and turn pledges into contributions faster.

    How We Integrate Rally Pay Payment Gateway?

    • From signing up for a Rallypay payment gateway account to customizing checkout using Custom UI to becoming PCI compliant, we will handle it all.
    • As your rallypay payment gateway integration provider, we will set up client authorization, carry out regular maintenance, and setup security.
    • After integrating the rallypay payment gateway, we will test run the transaction gateway with a sandbox to identify possible challenges and tackle them before going live.
    • If at any time you decide to use a different online payment gateway, we will transfer all customer information to your new payment gateway.
    Rally Pay Payment Gateway

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    With a plethora of satisfied businesses partnering with us, we provide the best online payment gateway integration service. We look forward to making your online transactions and donations hassle-free with the rallypay payment gateway.