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Wepay provides unique solutions for all types of online payment transaction and platforms.

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    Wepay Payment Gateway

    One of the reasons why the wepay payment gateway has ranked best international online payment gateway since its launch in 2008, is its one-stop solution for all transactions carried out on the web. What this means is that the wepay payment gateway provides practical solutions for online marketplaces, crowdfunding, and all eCommerce platforms, whether big or small. Available in the United States, wepay payment gateway is a secure, reliable and trusted online payment portal that accepts payments from all known credit and debit cards and even bank transfers. It is PCI-DSS compliant and also incorporates advanced fraud detection and protection tools.

    As the best online payment gateway, wepay services marketplaces by allowing them to accept sellers (merchants), and in turn, sell their products to the buyers (payers). Here, the marketplace can create separate wepay payment accounts for merchants. Wepay will then provide the marketplace with an access token which it saves and uses for checkout, get status etc. For eCommerce platforms, wepay allows buyers to finish their purchase quickly when they select the wepay payment option on the checkout page. Irrespective of the transaction type required, wepay can seamlessly be integrated into any online platform through its API. The payment gateway is designed to support small and large businesses as it charges no setup or application/monthly fees. Its service charge per transaction and chargeback fees are reasonable.

    As your payment gateway service providers, we are committed to ensuring a smooth online payment system for our clients. So, on your demand, we will create a wepay payment account and integrate it into your online platform. We will then configure and customize the payment gateway to suit your business need. We make sure to provide a hassle-free, secure and high performing means of accepting payments and finishing purchases.

    How We Integrate Wepay Payment Gateway?

    • After installing and integrating wepay through its API, we configure settings like notifications, set up order limits, countries to accept payment from and payment method.
    • We also set up client ID, account ID, obtain client secret key and access token.
    • We will then customize checkout to suit and give customers a feel of your brand as they transact.
    • We will also use the test and live mode that wepay provides to check for and tackle possible problems.
    wepay payment gateway

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