Top 10 Software Development Mistakes

Top 10 Software Development Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Giving Importance to Code Structure

A lousy code structure is a core problem that hurts the code. When a lousy composition is defined, every developer will likely follow it. It is always a good idea to have a code structure as it saves a lot of time in the future run. The benefits of a good code structure will help developers to implement less code. The code will be simpler to apply, the system will be more accessible, and bugs will be easier to track down.

2. Fixing a Bug with a Golden Hammer

Some developers solve an error in such a way that it solves an immediate problem but does not take into account code legibility. This method is problematic as bad code still exists, and errors may appear in the future. To avoid this, rewrite the system with the goals; more cohesion and less coupling, which means separate code by classes.

3. Not Ready for Scaling

The constant time pressure is causing good software developers to overlook specific issues. Scaling is one of those things. The minimum viable product is great, but taking it too far is causing great problems. Unfortunately, taking a scalable database and separating all applications on the webserver is not enough. There are many details which programmers if they wish to avoid rewriting significant parts of applications, which becomes a major Software Development mistake later.

4. Wrong/Missing SEO

SEO expertise requires considerable time searching best practices and ever-changing rules about Google, Mozilla Firefox, Bing. Usually, SEO is postponed to the end of Software Development. Which then comes as a high price for Software Development issues. SEO is just not related to setting, right keywords, metadata, image map, etc. It also includes eliminating duplicate content, intelligent backlinking, etc. Like Scaling, the Software Development team should think of SEO at the start of Software Development.

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5. Hard Coding

Hard coding values in a program is bad practice. A lot of issues can occur in the program because of hard coding. One of such problems is when software developers use hardcoded values and think that this number will not be hit. Combined with no error logging, developers could get into a very stressful situation.

6. Software Developer Burnouts

Working non-stop leads to burnout. Programmers should always take a break at regular intervals. Because of overworking, even simple tasks take way more time than usual. Developers should set milestones for themselves. Learning how to prevent oneself from burnouts make one more productive.

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7. Time or Processor Consuming Actions

Let’s say that you created an online book store and you expect to start with a few hundred orders. You send confirmation email each time there is an order. This will work at the start, but when the scale-up your system and thousands of requests sending a confirmation email? What happens is Software Developer either gets SMTP connection time out, or other errors like quota exceeded, application response time degrades. It is now handling emails instead of users. In such a case, Software Developers should have an external emailing service that is picking up orders and sending notifications.

8. Optimization of Bandwidth Usage

Most of the Software Development takes place at a local network. So, when Software Developers are downloading five each 3Mb are fewer images, developers will get an issue on 3 Gigabit internet connection. But when you start downloading 15 Mb pictures on 3G connections. Then there is a complaint stand problem.

Optimizing Bandwidth usage will Software Developers a significant boost. To gain this boost Software Developers need a couple of tricks. Some of them are;

  1. Minification of Javascript.
  2. Minification of CSS.
  3. Server-side HTTP compression.
  4. Optimization of image size and resolution.

9. Not Developing for Different Screen Sizes

Responsive design has been a big topic over the past few years. Different size of the smartphone has brought many new ways of accessing online content. The number of software that are accessed through smartphones and tablets over the past few years has grown a lot and is accelerating rapidly.

To seamless navigation and access to software, software developers must ensure that users access content in all types of devices. There are numerous methods and practices for developing a responsive software application.

10. Lack of Testing

A code without testing is not reliable and keeps developers away from using it. Refactoring becomes much more difficult because any change and developers will not know that a particular feature is working or not. Chances of finding the wrong code are severe in systems that are not tested. When there is testing, code becomes much more reliable and secure for developers to find errors.

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