Apple Pay Payment Gateway

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    Apple Pay Payment Gateway

    Payment gateways are an essential technology for eCommerce today. And apple pay payment gateway, offers users a secure platform for making purchases on the web, in IOS apps and even in stores without disclosing their personal information. Apple pay enables businesses beef up payment security and convenience for merchants and customers. The payment gateway provides a free transaction route for anyone with an Apple device, and merchants are not charged for accepting Apple pay on their websites and payment terminals.

    With Apple pay payment gateway, payment can be made with a single touch. And as the best online payment gateway integration service, Rockers Technology will first evaluate your business need before integrating apple pay payment gateway for your business. Using an Apple Pay SDK or JavaScript API from your payment provider, we will seamlessly integrate Apple pay payment gateway in your website or mobile app so that customers can make payments from major debit and credit cards in the world. We will create custom checkouts that represent your brand and guide customers to finish a purchase quickly and reduce cart abandonment.

    How We Integrate Apple Pay Payment Gateway?

    • As your payment gateway integration service, we will create all certificates and documents required to identify you as an apple pay merchant.
    • We will register and verify your domain, provide payment processor certificate needed for encryptions, and for securing outgoing payment data.
    • We will also create a merchant identity certificate that will enable authentic communications with the apple pay server and enable apple pay in Xcode for mobile applications.
    • After integrating the Apple Pay payment gateway, we will test run the transaction gateway with a sandbox to identify possible challenges and tackle them before going live.
    Apple Pay Payment Gateway

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    With hundreds of satisfied businesses partnering with us, we have built a reputation for providing the best online payment gateway integration. We look forward to making your online transactions secure and convenient with Apple Pay payment gateway.