Reasons to Choose CakePHP for Your Next Project

Cake PHP

The CakePHP framework gives developers a full recipe for achieving success with codes. It makes the building of web applications fast and straightforward with less code and requirements. It is described on the CakePHP website as

A modern PHP 7 framework offering a flexible database access layer and a powerful scaffolding system that makes building small and complex systems simpler, easier and of course tastier”.

The flexibility, convenience, and several other sophisticated features of the CakePHP framework make it the top choice for most developers who want to develop high performing web applications.

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Why Choose the CakePHP Framework for Your Next Project

Why Choose the CakePHP Framework for Your Next Project?

1. Convenient Extensions: One of the essential reasons why developers choose the CakePHP framework above other PHP frameworks is that it allows you extend your projects with behaviors, components, plugins, thereby allowing you develop a generalized library instead of using CakePHP extending core library. With the CakePHP framework, you can create codes that can be reused for multiple projects, share your libraries between different MVCs and projects. With CakePHP, you do not have to write any codes from scratch as they are numerous helpers, plugins, and components developed by well-defined conventions to make your work easier.

2. MVC Architecture: The software design pattern of the CakePHP framework is MVC -Model, View, and Controller. This architectural pattern makes it easy for you to split between logic and presentation when developing applications. The ‘model’ supports all data related logic so you can insert, update, delete, and read data from the database. The ‘view’ allows you to view data on the screen, while the ‘controller’ allows switching between the view and model component. It receives, processes, and reacts to any action that can alter data before it interacts with the database.

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3. CRUD Scaffolding and Testing: CRUD connotes create, read, update, and delete which are the primary activities involved in every web app development project. This feature allows you to view applications with just a single line of code. The CakePHP framework enables you to create either core and custom tests to cross-check your application and any criticality attached to it. This testing feature is essential in the development of large applications.

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4. Configuration: Another critical reason why developers choose the CakePHP framework is its easy and automated configuration system. With CakePHP, all you have to do is manage the database connections settings; every other configuration function is fully automated in the framework. This feature makes easy and speeds up the process of web app development.

5. Compatibility: This PHP framework is highly compatible with all other versions of PHP frameworks so programs written with lower versions of PHP and have not been updated can still be compatible with cake PHP.

6. Object-Relational Mapping: The CakePHP framework object-relational mapping technique facilitates data conversion between incompatible type systems in a database and object-oriented programming languages. It can also be extended to support substitute data sources.

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As one of the most popular PHP frameworks, CakePHP provides a faster, stress-free, and sophisticated framework for developing web applications. Just like other PHP frameworks, it has a large open-source community that offers adequate support for developers who use the CakePHP framework. Are you looking for a PHP framework for your next project? Use the CakePHP framework today.