How to Choose a Right Software Development Company?

How to Choose a Right Software Development Company?

If you are running a business, it is your natural desire to increase your sales and to expand your customer base. Today, it is possible to reach out to a large number of potential customers searching for products and services similar to what you are offering through a strong online presence and a mobile app. Internet provides you a level playing field where you can compete with big businesses if you have the help and support of a high quality software development company.

World Wide Web is a sea of information and entertainment for the people around the world. They visit it every day not just to stay connected with the world and their loved ones but also to buy all sorts of products and services. This is where a sea of opportunity lies for businesses to woo their potential customers. The first step in this direction is of course a beautiful website that is also functional and smoothly navigable for your target group of customers. You need a software development company that designs and builds unique and visually appealing websites for its clients. After all, it is your business and it should reflect your personality.

When you go to a party, it is your unique personality that is noticed by others in the event. Similarly, your business website, if it is not unique and different from the website of your competitors, is doomed to be lost in a massive ocean of websites on the web.

A design that is unique and catches the attention of your visitors is a must to improve your visibility. Today, there are experts in latest and advanced technologies who can create a custom website that is a unique combination of art and science.If you want to have a head start over yourcompetitors, you need help and support of a high-quality software development company.

If you look around you and, on the web, you will come across many software development companies claiming to be the best in business. For a small business owner, it can be a very confusing and overwhelming situation as he cannot decide which software development company is best suited to his business needs and requirements.

How do you compare the features and services offered by different companies?

Well, this article aims to serve as a guide for business owners like you in choosing the best software company to further their organizational goals.

Check out the quotes – Ignore cheapest ones

Internet is a great source to locate the best software development companies. Not constrained by the requirement of proximity to the client, software development is an endeavor that can be easily carried out form a remote location.

You will find that companies entice their clients with quotes and many business owners fall prey to cheap quotes. Remember that you need software for your business, and it should be robust and durable. So you can calmly reject cheapest quotations and focus upon companies charging higher prices.

There are solid reasons why cheap service providers turn out to be costly in the long run.

how to choose the right software development company

You may not get the best and latest technology

It is natural for any software development company to cut the corners to complete your project in low prices.They will save their time and money and hand over older technology to you that will not pass the test of time and functionality.

You may not own the source code

This is a big drawback when working with a cheap software development company. You may be denied source code ownership even though you pay for the development of software for your use.

software development coding

You may suffer from poor communication

You may regret choosing a cheap software development company because of the level of communication offered by them. Some of these companies do not have transparency while others face a language barrier.

What you need is not a company that is the cheapest but the one that provides cost effective services. You end up paying much more in the long run if you try to save money in the beginning by choosing a cheap software development company. Who knows you might have to get your app rewritten completely in future?

Clear understanding of your expectations

This is a corollary of the point of communication. Try to find a software development company that pays attention to your needs and requirements, your personal likes and dislikes, and the organizational goals. If the company you finalize does not understand what you want, how is it going to turn your dreams into reality? The quality of service you get form the company is directly proportional to the clarity in your communication with them.

Make sure the company makes use of SCRUM for software development

SCRUM is a process where the software development company delivers incremental builds to the client every few days. This method ensures that the software is taking just the kind of shape you want it to develop into.

SCRUM Software Development

They should not be “YES” men

There are companies who would say yes to every suggestion or command given by you. They do this in order to keep you in good humor as their only goal is to extract money from you. You need a software development company that respects your point of view but has the courage to say no when your ideas do not match with the software being developed. They should be able to pint out if any of your ideas is actually going to be a waste of time and money.

It is better to work with those who will stand up and say no to you rather than working with yes men who will do everything to please you.

Stay away from too big or too small companies

Working with too big a company can be scary at times as you might feel lost in their organizational structure, hierarchy, and workflow.

Similarly, choosing to work with a start up with just 1-2 employees may prove difficult as they lack the resources and experience to do justice with your project. Try to find a similar sized company where you are treated as an important customer and you can work your way through the hierarchy. Too big a company and you will feel as if you are not getting the kind of attention you deserve.

So, choose a software development company that you are comfortable working with irrespective of the number of employees or the infrastructure.

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Work with a company with the best technology

This one seems to be too obvious as you are after all, trying to get the best in terms of technology. If your aim is software development, it is natural to work with a company that is equipped with the latest and most advance technologies. For example, if you want a mobile app developed for your business, your aim should be to find a company that has the kind of expertise and experience in developing mobile apps that you need. If you want the best UX/UI design and interface, you have to find a software development company that specializes in UX/UI designing.

There is one more thing that you should keep in mind. Do not be fooled by the website of a software development company that says they are experts in all kinds of technologies.

Personal chemistry is important

Software development is one job that requires not just great skills and knowledge but also an open and transparent relationship between the service provider and his client. What you need is a partner who understands your needs and requirements.

You need a company that is all ears to your suggestions and incorporates your inputs in the software that is being developed by them. After all, your website or your mobile app is your baby and the software development company have to be a facilitator in translating your dreams into reality. You should be able to discuss your requirements openly with the company.

If you are holding back or not able to express your feelings, it is a clear indication that you have chosen a wrong company for the development of software for your business. If you are not comfortable talking or interacting with the employees of the company, you cannot expect the final product to be a true reflection of the idea in your mind.

Weekly demos are welcome

There are many software developments companies that will go underground after accepting your project and only show up once they have finished it. This is a policy that will never deliver the kind of results you are desirous of. Instead, you should find a software development company that is happy and excited to share with you whatever has been developed on a weekly basis. This is a policy that helps in the shaping of the product as per your requirements and also speeds up the process.

Where is the company basically from?

Internet is a great platform for software development companies as any company can bag project from clients irrespective of its location around the world.

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However, you need to be careful regarding the location of the company as not all geographic locations are conducive for software development with great efficiency. You do not want to award the project to a company in a country where English is not spoken or understand, do you? Also, developers in certain countries of the world are considered as creative and problem solvers whereas some countries rank poorly on this metric. China is one country that ranks pretty high when it comes to software development.

Russia, Poland, Hungary, Japan, and Germany are also considered great countries where you find excellent quality software developers. If you want to pay less without any compromise with quality, you can opt for developers from India, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Experience in the industry

Not many business owners realize the importance of this point. They believe software development is a skill that is enough for excellent results from the company they have selected for their mobile or web application. However, it must be kept in mind that experience in the industry similar to yours is just as important as IT skills. If the company does not have experience in taking up and completing projects in your industry, you could face difficulties during the operational stage. It is in your own interest to check out the experience and the portfolio of the company before signing the contract. If the company understands about your business as much as you do, you can be certain of getting a product that is designed for your success.


Check out their recommendations

There are many ways using which you can make sure of the capabilities of the software development company.

Check out the reviews and testimonials given by their previous clients. Do not stop at Google but also check out their Facebook accounts to know what others are saying about the services of the company. You can also check LinkedIn to know what others in their network are saying about them. Do not be impressed by the information given on the website. It can be very misleading.

Reviews left behind on Google by their clients are the best way to know what it is like to work with them.

In the end

If you have followed the points given in this article, it should be easy for you to choose a high-quality software development company for your project. However, you still have some questions that you need to ask to make sure you have found the right company. Do not forget to ask about the work process, channels of communication, plan of action if things go wrong, list of things that you need to provide, and the probable date of completion of the project. Also confirm whether you get source code ownership or not. Your chosen company should be able to provide references or testimonials from its previous clients.

Good luck and happy hunting for the right software development company to you!