Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework?

Why Laravel is The Best PHP Framework?

Laravel PHP framework

For most developers, choosing the most appropriate framework for their projects out of the various frameworks provided by PHP is a challenging task. However, Knowing the different features, advantages, and requirements of each PHP framework will help you know the particular framework that best suits your project need. Here are some reasons why you should consider choosing the Laravel PHP framework for your next project.

Launched in 2011, the Laravel PHP framework is a robust open-source PHP web framework designed to help developers build better, simple, and elegant web applications quickly. Since the release of its version 3, the Laravel PHP framework became very popular and included several new and sophisticated features like a command-line interface, also called Artisan, support for the database system and migrations.

With over 55,000 stars on GitHub and 513 contributors, Laravel has been voted the most expressive, fastest, and most comfortable PHP framework for building web applications.

Why choose the Laravel PHP framework for your next project?

1. Artisan

This is an inbuilt tool that allows developers to perform all repetitive and tedious programming tasks without any manual effort. Developers can easily interact with the laravel framework using the Artisan command line. Moreover, it can be used for managing database migrations, publishing package assets, models, etc.

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2. Automatic Package Discovery

Laravel version 5.5 introduced the automatic package delivery that automatically detects the package a developer might want to install without him having to set up any providers for installing laravel most recent packages. Also, this version allows developers to disable this automatic package discovery feature for specific packages.

3. Customization

The interactive feature of the laravel PHP framework makes it extremely easy to customize and when developing web and mobile applications for startups and even large businesses who are looking to increase their digital presence.

4. MVC support

This is an essential advantage of the laravel PHP framework. It supports Model View and Controller -based architectural patterns like a symphony and ensures clarity between logic and presentation. This feature of laravel PHP framework improves its performance, makes for better documentation, and comes with multiple built-in functionalities.

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5. Object-oriented libraries

The object-oriented and other pre-installed libraries make laravel the best for a framework for any project. It includes the Authentication library which can be easily incorporated and contains features like Bcrypt hashing, CSRF( Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection, password reset, and encryption, etc.

6. Security

Laravel PHP framework guarantees developers 99% security for all web applications. With its salted and hashed password patter, passwords are never saved as plain text in the database. It generates an encrypted representation of passwords using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm and prepared SQL statements which make injection attacks impossible.

Laravel PHP framework security features include

  • Authentication of users
  •  Configuration
  •  Manually logging in users
  •  Storage of passwords
  •  Security routes
  •  Password reminders and reset
  •  HTTP basic authentication
  •  Encryption
  •  Authentication drivers

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7. Database migration

Another reason why you should choose a laravel PHP framework for your next project is that it allows you to sync databases between development machines easily. After making several changes to your database in the course of developing, laravel data migration will enable you to migrate your changes to any development machine with any hassle.

8. Responsible interface

The laravel 5.5 version introduces the responsible interface, which is a class used for the implementation of the interface and can be returned with the help of the controller method.

Moreover, more than the above reasons, the laravel open source community with more than 500 contributors gives you the necessary support you need when using the laravel PHP framework for your next project. The framework even provides detailed tutorials – Laracast- for every developer level. With continuous improvements in features and incredible community support, laravel remains the best PHP framework and the most suitable for your next project.