Why Laravel for enterprise application development: 5 Reasons

Why User Laravel for Enterprise Application Development

With a plethora of PHP frameworks out there, offered by a range of software development companies, it is a common question as to which PHP programming to choose for your enterprise web and mobile application.

For an enterprise app, you are searching for a framework that can handle long lines of code, provide high-level security and give rise to a great traffic inflow. Now, you can finally have your questions answered by an expert Laravel Development Company.

1. Next level User-friendliness for the End-users

With Laravel Programming, you no longer have to worry about your website or application users being hounded with the complex interface. The developers of Laravel have pulled at all stops to make sure that your customers’ experience is as user-friendly as possible.

As an illustration of our statement, we cite two features of PHP Laravel that we love:

2. Support for Multilingual Solutions

Developers can now create the same content in multiple languages so that whether your customer audience resides in the US, or they live on the other side of the globe in France, they will have no problem in understanding your services in detail. This feature allows you to engage with a much wider customer base than you had ever conceived before, allowing your business to reach a new height of success through a global reach.

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3. Automatic Package Discovery

Laravel 5.5 brought with it a new, unprecedented feature: the Automatic Package Discovery, which has been continued in the new Laravel 5.6. Herein, the program will automatically be able to detect the packages that your customers want to install. For those of you who are new to the programming terminology, packages are codes that are grouped together for later re-use. Developers can use community-developed packages as well which will increase the functionality of their website application.

4. Avant-Garde Performance

When it comes to performance, the PHP Laravel Framework leaves no stones unturned for phenomenal execution on enterprise sites, whether it be a small project or a big one.

Laravel creators have included features such as Memcached and Redis which facilitate a high-quality performance which is necessary when it comes to websites for big business and enterprises. Both of these are in-memory data storage systems. Additionally, the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture ensures clarity of presentation and improved performance.

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5. Security within the Framework

When it comes to web application development, security is the main source of apprehension for most developers and especially when it comes to web applications for enterprises who at most times require excessive security.

Laravel takes security within its own framework. It employs several features to make sure that security is the least of concerns for both the developer and the enterprise owners. Here are some that are particularly notable:

  • Hashed Password: By using a hashed and salted password, the passwords are no longer saved within the database as plain text and so they become much harder to retrieve unsolicited user with access to the database.
  • Hashids: Hashids is a small open-source library which provides a different level of security while using Laravel. Hashids library generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers which can be used to mask IDs in URLs using Hashids in Laravel. To make Laravel web application URL more secure and professional Laravel developers often use Hashids to mask IDs in URL.
  • Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm: Bcrypt hash is used to store passwords wherein each password is represented by its own encrypted representation.
  • Prepared SQL statements: According to Laravel, these SQL statements “make injection attacks unimaginable.” This shows how confident they are on their security features set in place!

How to Start with Laravel?

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP framework not only being used to develop web applications but also being used to develop API services for lightning speed response. So if you have a custom web or mobile application development requirement you first need to understand whether you will be required Laravel as backend framework or API service(many native mobile apps don’t need API services) or what. If yes then you will need to hire a dedicated Laravel developer or Laravel development team if you don’t have any to execute your custom web or mobile application development project.

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