Key Reasons to Choose Codeigniter PHP Framework for Your Next Project

Key Reasons to Choose Codeigniter PHP Framework for Your Next Project

Just like other PHP frameworks, the CodeIgniter PHP framework is designed to develop large and small web applications quickly, better, and make them more efficient. The CodeIgniter PHP framework is an open-source PHP framework with a robust system that is frequently updated to meet up with the ever-emerging web developments in the programming world. With its version upgrade in January 2019, the CodeIgniter PHP framework incorporates several new features that have made developers pick it as the most preferred PHP framework for handling their projects.

Why choose the CodeIgniter PHP framework for your next project?

1. Build better in less time with little code:

With the CodeIgniter PHP framework, developers can build swift performing applications easily without having to write long lines of code. Web applications built with CodeIgniter PHP framework load faster, occupy lesser space and contain little or no mistakes.

2. Security:

For web applications that have safety as their ultimate concern, the CodeIgniter PHP framework is easily your best pick. It allows developers to create secure PHP applications by tackling security threats like SQL injection, remote code execution, and cross-site scripting attacks. It incorporates cookie encryption and decryption feature that enhances product development on web apps. It also includes various plugins for improving application security.

3. Smaller footprint:

Even for a programming newbie, the CodeIgniter PHP framework can be mastered in a jiffy. With the totality of the framework being about 2MB, it is easier to learn, deploy, update, and functions entirely independently of others.

4. Simple configuration:

Despite being used to develop huge web applications, it still presents a seamless configuration process which is why millions of developers use CodeIgniter PHP framework every day. To configure, all you have to do is install the framework according to the configuration system of your website, start “config.php” when you need to program, load the database, library, all arrays and save immediately.

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5. Exceptional file management system:

After installing the CodeIgniter PHP framework, you will be presented with a primary folder that contains several application files. This folder includes sub-folders that function as view, model, configuration, controller, etc. It is so arranged so that as you work, you can concentrate on using the primary folder and everything you do will be automatically organized.

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6. MVC architecture:

CodeIgniter’s MVC architecture allows developers to effectively manage different code forms depending on their data structure and design HTML code. This feature makes the CodeIgniter PHP framework more logic-based in contrast to other PHP frameworks which are usually based on models.

7. CodeIgniter PHP framework documentation:

Another reason why you should choose the CodeIgniter PHP framework for your next project is that it offers a unique documentation system that is not found with any other PHP framework. Its documentation makes the process of web app development delightful.

8. Comprehensive tool package:

This PHP framework comes with an inbuilt library set that includes extensive features such as calendar, zip encoding, validations, sessions, unit testing modules, email zip encoding, etc. It also consists of a full load of default helpers that manage arrays, directory data, strings, forms, and many data files. This feature allows developers to create new libraries and helps that are in sync with your project’s requirements.

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Again, just like its contemporaries in the PHP family, CodeIgniter PHP framework is an open-source framework that allows developers all around the world to contribute meaningfully to improving the functions of the code. Its unique features and functions make it the most appropriate framework for developing eCommerce and high-end web applications. With more perks than faults, CodeIgniter PHP framework is one of the best PHP frameworks that easily available and your best choice for your next project.