How to Choose The Best PHP Framework for Your Next Project?

How to Choose The Best PHP Framework for Your Next Project?

Why Choose a PHP Framework?

With the many advantages of PHP framework, more developers are utilizing all PHP framework that is in sync with their needs for developing projects and managing applications. And deciding the best PHP framework for your project is subject to many factors such as the performance, functionality, documentation, and development support of each framework. These factors are also determined by the type, scope, and goal of your application. The PHP framework eases the work of developers by improving productivity and the creation of stable and proper functioning sites, providing reusable codes and a platform for developing web applications. It allows developers to scale up systems seamlessly, provides reliable security against security threats, and allows for easy code maintenance.

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How to Choose The Best PHP Framework?

Before selecting the best performance PHP framework for your project, it is essential to note the examples of the PHP framework available: Laravel, Codeigniter, CakePHP, symphony, and Yii framework. These PHP frameworks can be generally classified into three viz

  • The glue framework which id designed for expert developers and gives them the freedom to program it in whatever way they want. It is very flexible.
  • The full-stack framework, made for beginners, to enable them to practice codes for different PHP frameworks and is less flexible.
  • The mixed framework which gives every user the freedom to use either the glue or full-stack framework through its combination of both.

how to choose best PHP framework

Answering The Following Questions Will Help You Choose The Best PHP Framework for Your Project.

  • How secure is the PHP framework?
  • Will the performance and functionality if the framework by suitable for my project?
  • Can the framework be easily updated and maintained?
  • Is the PHP framework scalable?
  • Does your PHP framework developer provide short or long term support?
  • Does the PHP framework development website provide a forum for tackling difficulties experienced by users?

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When considering the best PHP framework to choose for your next project, it is essential to take note of the performance level of each framework before making your decision. For instance, the Laravel PHP framework is highly debatable in its performance. This means that while Laravel is argued as the best PHP framework, it is slow but includes various resources for speeding up its performance level. Yii framework, on the other hand, is the fastest PHP framework available and produces high performing results in real-time.

Here is a quick comparison of the Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, Symfony and CakePHP framework using GitHub.

Framework name Watch Contributors Popularity Fork Update
Laravel 4,600 511 55,000 16,947 5.5.42
CodeIgniter 1,746 443 17,636 7,700 3.1.11
Yii 470 266 4,860 2,235 2.0.27
CakePHP 644 533 7,961 3,415 3.7.7
Symfony 1,275 1,934 21,681 7,141 4.1

All the PHP frameworks mentioned above are open source community-driven projects with thousands of developers contributing to making each PHP code better for everyone irrespective of knowledge level. On the different open source platforms available, eg, Github, Drupal, developers from around the world create new code components, proffer solutions to emerging code challenges and advice each other on the best practices for completing projects successfully.

And with the glaring benefits of using the PHP framework, there is always a demand for PHP developers. This means that as a developer using the PHP framework, you can find work quickly.