7 Reasons to Choose Yii PHP Framework

Yii PHP Framework

Contrary to popular opinion, the Yii framework is among the most sought for and widely used PHP framework in the IT industry. Since its launch in 2008 and the release of version 2.0, the Yii framework has built a reputation for developing high performing and impressive web applications. It includes some enhanced features that make it stand out from other PHP frameworks. It presents a fast, secure, and efficient PHP framework that is flexible yet pragmatic.

Why choose Yii framework for your next project?

1. Advanced technology

Yii framework uses the OOP framework and the most advanced features of PHP like SPL classes and interface, late static binding, and anonymous functions.

2. It is easy to install

The convenience with which developers can install the Yii framework makes it exceptional. With the Yii framework, you can install and configure the framework using composer in a seamless manner. This allows you to begin your development process in a jiffy.

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3. Enhanced security

Yii framework presents an unmatched and uncomplicated security system. It comes with a security application component that includes various methods for securing your web development projects. Some of its security methods include generatePasswordHash, generateRandomKey, and validatePassword.

4. Build better performing applications

The cache components of the Yii framework allows you to choose any caching system with a common API. It supports database and file system caching such as WinCache, XCache, Memcache, Zend Data Cache, and APC. These cache tools help your website application perform better and faster.

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5. It is fully extensible

Unlike other PHP frameworks, the Yii framework can be maneuvered to fit the need for any customer. All components of the framework are fully extensible and can be tailored to suit any requirement.

7 Reasons to Choose Yii PHP Framework

6. Reduces development time

Yii framework includes different powerful tools like ‘Gii’ which allow you to complete various repetitive tasks in a short period. With these tools, you have more time to customize and complete web applications instead of sorting through monotonous tasks.

7. Testing

Another strength of the Yii framework is its integration with Codeception, which simplifies the process of creating unit, functional, and acceptance tests for your application.


Like all other PHP frameworks, the Yii framework makes the development of modern, swift, and high performing websites a seamless process. It also includes advanced security and testing components. With all its features, it takes away and handles all the difficulties associated with web application development. Most importantly, it is supported by a large community of developers who are always ready to provide adequate support for developers who use the Yii framework.