Why Hire a Flutter Mobile App Development Company?

Why Hire a Flutter Mobile App Development?

If you have been following trends on the mobile development scene, the chances are good that you’ve come across a handy technology called Flutter and now you want to know why you should not only care about it but also hire an offshore flutter mobile app development company.

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s mobile SDK that can be used to create native-looking Android and iOS apps from the same code base. Although it was launched in December 2018 and Flutter has since been in beta, the buzz around it has continued to grow stronger.

Prior to its launch, many developers have had to undergo a tedious process of porting their Android apps to iOS in a bid to reach the widest possible audience.

Flutter reduces the development time and efforts as it comes complete with a framework, widgets, and tools that make it possible to build and deploy visually attractive, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS apps.

In a nutshell, you don’t need to develop an iOS and Android app separately as you can write once and deploy to both platforms.

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How it Works?

Widgets are the central idea of a Flutter app’s user interface as different widgets can be combined to build the entire UI. Each widget is a vital part of the user interface as it defines:

  • A structural element (like a button or menu)
  • A stylistic element (a font or color scheme)
  • A layout aspect (like padding) and many more

Unlike other frameworks that separate views, view controllers, layouts, and other properties, widgets are the core of this technology. The mobile app SDK doesn’t use OEM widgets since it has its ready-made widgets that look native to Android or iOS apps (following Material Design or Cupertino). To encourage versatility, Flutter also allows developers to build their widgets.

Another distinct attribute of Flutter is the use of native ARM binary which is compiled ahead of time (AOT), eliminating the need for JVM. In other words, it is fast since there are minimal performance issues that offer come up as a result of using a compiled programming language (Dart) to serve as the JavaScript Bridge.

This allows Flutter to communicate with the platform without going through a JavaScript Bridge that does a context switch between the JavaScript realm and the native realm. As you might know, compiling to native code boosts app start-up time.

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Benefits of Flutter To Various Businesses

Google’s purpose for launching Flutter is to enable developers to deliver high-performance and high-fidelity apps that feel natural on different platforms.

If you’re considering Flutter as a technology to use for your next mobile app, here are the benefits you should know.

  • Saves Time, Effort, and Money: Flutter is a cross-platform development tool, meaning there’s no need to develop an app for one system and repeat the process for another. The same code you use for building an iOS app can work seamlessly on Google’s Android, helping you save time and resources throughout the development process.
  • Speeds Upcoding and Prototyping: Flutter is gaining much traction among mobile developers is it’s hot reload. Hot reload allows you view any changes made in the code on emulators, simulators and hardware almost in real-time, with no need for app restarting. The updated source code is injected into the running app, and Flutter automatically rebuilds the widget in less than a second. That makes it easier to identify bugs as soon as they appear and test US or features without tie-ups.
  • Excellent Performance: Flutter offers top-notch performance for two reasons. First, it uses Dart which compiles into native code. Second, it doesn’t use any OEM widgets since it has its library, effectively reducing the communication between the app and the platform. The app performance (especially start-up times) is noticeably faster, and the issues are fewer compared to non-Flutter apps.
  • Minimal Compatibility Issues: There’s no need to test your app on older OS versions since Flutter comes with its widgets which results in fewer compatibility issues. Likewise, you don’t have to worry about whether your app will work on future OS versions. However, you will need to update Flutter widgets once there’s a new version of Android or iOS.
  • Open Source: A flutter is an open-source tool surrounded by an active community of developers which means it has countless possibilities of customizing everything in the framework – from Material and Cupertino widgets to animation and gestures.

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Why Outsource Your Offshore Flutter App Development Services?

Outsourcing your app development services to an Offshore flutter app development company offers so many benefits which include:

  • Expertise: Hiring an offshore mobile app development company gives you access to a wide range of developers at a reasonable price. Besides, these developers have enough bandwidth to scale up and ensure that your demands are met.
  • Up to Date Knowledge of Emerging Technologies: Many Offshore RIBs app development company have access to the latest technologies at a lower cost.
  • Better Risk Management: Hiring a mobile app development company helps you manage risk better and stay updated with the latest trends and developments.
  • A Better Advantage Over Competitors: In today’s mobile market, app owners must be on the lookout for their competitors, having an offshore flutter mobile app company offers you a new perspective in terms of users experience since there are exposed to a different environment.

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  • Language is Never a Barrier: Although a lot of people argue that language is a barrier when hiring an offshore mobile app development firm. However, this isn’t true because language barriers do not apply to programme codes. Programmers all over the world speak the same code language; they can deliver better result no matter their geographical location.

Finally, Flutter is currently one of the most innovative tools on the market for developing mobile apps as it offers several advantages to development teams. It will help you build apps that meet the standards of both mobile platforms while saving you precious time and money.

Hiring a flutter mobile app development company does not only give you access to developers with much expertise; it also keeps you ahead of your competitors.