On-demand Laundry App Development Service: A Feature Insight

on demand laundry app development

Overview: Digital transformation of laundry service order management is a crucial and game-changing approach. We are offering custom laundry app development service to those looking to dive or already a shark of laundry service business ocean.

If you are running late for office or wake up late after last night beer party, how about if someone helps you finish your daily house chores especially laundry work effortlessly?

You would worship him, right? Well, with the power of internet technology it is now possible to request someone to pick your clothes for laundry and ironing without speaking to them via just a few taps on your smartphone.

On-demand Laundry service providers are troubleshooters and saviors of a fast-moving, hectic lifestyle.

On-demand Laundry & Dry Clean service is getting popularity and people are very much in love with this kind of service which can save a huge amount of time for the washing, drying and ironing their clothes.

This change in mindset has opened up huge market opportunities for startups and businesses already involved in laundry and dry cleaning services.

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Here are some statistics of how much revenue of dry-cleaning and laundry services generated and is predicted to generate in the USA from 2010 to 2022 (in million U.S. dollars).

Revenue Statistic
Source: Statista.com

By making the use of technologies like the internet and smartphones, laundry service providers can reach the mass which is either not possible doing it the traditional way or it could cost more to run a number of marketing campaigns on TV, newspapers, brochures and radio ads.

On the other hand on-demand laundry, dry clean and ironing service is a more quick and convenient way to handle this unpleasant house chore.

However, one needs to put a lot of effort into developing a feature-rich laundry service mobile application, in this post I’ll describe the basic and advanced features of laundry service mobile application.

Features To Have In Laundry App Development

Features To Have In Laundry App Development
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Customer’s App

Signup & Login: A customer should be able to onboard the app with a quick and easy signup process powered by social signup, email or via phone number.

Nearby Laundry Service: A customer should be able to find a nearby laundry service provider for quick and easy pickup/dropoff service.

Laundry Service & Price: Laundry service provider offers a variety of services from washing to dry cleaning, from stain removing to ironing. Customers can choose the type of service along with the price for the type of clothes.

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Schedule Pickup & Drop Off: Once desired laundry services are selected, it is time to allow customers to schedule a pickup and drop off time and location.

Track Pickup: Live location tracking is an awesome feature to allow the customer track where the laundry pickup agent is currently. This gives an advantage to the customer to exactly understand how long it pickup agent to arrive.

Order Status: Once an order is confirmed and picked up, it is nice to notify the customers about the current status of his order like order processed, washed, dried, out for delivery, etc.

Easy Payment: Once all is set, it’s time to allow a customer to select a payment method for the order. There are few easy payment options customers can enjoy are cash, PayPal, credit card or wallet.

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Order History: A complete order history would be a great way for the customer to track how many orders placed in the past, how many orders are lined up currently, what was the price, how much discount offered and used so far.

SMS & Push Notification: Customers won’t keep staring at smartphone screens throughout the order cycle, that’s why notifying them via push notifications and SMS for order status, offers and updates is a right approach.

Offers And Deals: Offers and deals are known to be a sales magnet. Make deals and offers available to increase customer loyalties.

Reviews And Rating: It is hard to trust a business without reference. Customers should be able to post reviews and ratings after using laundry service which can be useful for other customers as well.

Order status
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Laundry Service Provider’s Features

Signup & Login: A service provider can also sign up to the app via email, social networking account or mobile number.

Service Management: A service provider can manage various laundry services and pricing he is offering per type and number of cloths.

Order Request: It may happen, that sometimes the order queue is full and service providers cannot put more orders in that queue. To cope with this situation, the service provider should be able to accept or reject orders placed by customers to manage orders already in queue effectively.

Order Management: Managing the order status to notify customers is important. A service provider gets complete control over all active orders already in the queue.

Profile Setting: Profile setting allows the service provider to manage his profile details like first and last name, email, contact details, business name, profile photo or logo and so on.

Order history: This module allows a service provider to view all orders received in the past and present along with their status. Order history also helps the provider to measure various statistical data like a number of active, completed and canceled orders.

Deals & Discounts: The provider can track all discounts and deals redeemed by a customer for each other. This insight may help providers in making decisions effectively.

Customer Reviews: Managing feedbacks and reviews given by the customer is one of the most important tasks for a business to improve the overall quality of service. A service provider can review and respond to reviews and ratings submitted by a customer after purchasing a service.

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Admin’s Features

Login: Secure admin authentication page allows login into the backend/admin panel

Dashboard: A nicely designed dashboard could help admin to get a quick view of a platform including a number of service providers, customers, pending, completed and delivering orders and so on.

Category Management: The admin can manage cloth categories by adding new and updating or removing older ones.

User Management: This module gives the admin complete access to a list of all users of the platform including service providers and customers along with their important profile information like name, address, email, contact number, registration date, etc.

Delivery Management: Admin can gain control over the fleet. Managing delivery orders, status, time, location tracking and delivery agents executing that order currently.

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Notifications: Push notifications are an important tool to keep notifying users about new updates, offers, and deals. Admin can send manual or automated push notifications to users.

Payment Management: Multiple payment options to offer a smooth and hassle-free user experience to the customers. Admin can manage several payment methods and transactions from this module.

In-app Chat: In-app chat is a practical and efficient solution to overcome the communication gap between users. Customer and service providers can use this feature to get in touch to identify issues, questions, special requests, and concerns related to an order.

Live GPS Tracking: Allowing customers to track their order delivery via live GPS is an inevitable feature of an on-demand service business model, including GPS tracking in a mobile app, which will not only help platform admin assist delivery agent the relevant destinations, routes but also suggests the miles be covered.

Above are few basic and advanced features that an on-demand laundry service application must-have, but this feature list could not be limited to this, I’ll keep updating this same blog post with more advanced features that can help improve the laundry service business process. Signup to our newsletter to get updates for the same.

On-demand Laundry Service App: How does it work?

The on-demand laundry service app should be easy to use for both customers and service providers.

This app should comprise of options for the customers to be able to tap easy laundry pick up and drop off request which can be soon accepted and executed by the service provider.

The service provider then should able to change the current status of the order and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep as requested.

Working process

Laundry App Development Company: Why Us?

In this modern and fast life, people do not have time and struggle to manage daily house chores laundry especially.

That is the reason why laundry service is one of the fastest-growing businesses across the globe. Take examples of famous on-demand laundry service providers apps like Cleanly, Rinse, FlyCleaners, TaskRabbit and Tide Spin.

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We are offering customized on-demand laundry application development services at an affordable cost.

While choosing your laundry service business model you can use one of the approaches mentioned below.

DIY Landry Service App: This is a useful solution if you own a laundry business or planning to start one soon.

Using this approach you can offer a convenient way to your new and existing customers to do business with you.

Laundry Service Marketplace App: This approach is useful when you do not own a laundry business already and do not plan to start one.

Rather this business approach is to start a marketplace like Amazon, where you can allow customers to order laundry service from registered laundry service providers on your platform.

You take a commission from each transaction that happens on your platform and remaining goes to the laundry service provider.

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