Top 10 WordPress Security Plugin

Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress has found more use in the modern world. Most popular blogging websites are built with on the WordPress platform. Creating a website on the WordPress platform doesn’t require you to have a learned skill of website development.

WordPress Platform is a universal one that can be easily used by virtually anyone yet offering some of the most advanced tools needed for modern and effective website creation.

The increased usage of the WordPress platform for creating content-based websites is not only due to its ease of usage but also due to other factors like security and the compelling Content Management System (CMS).

Designing of the front-end of a website built on the WordPress platform is also more comfortable as you can easily download themes and plugins for customization of the website.

Due to the high number of users using the WordPress platform for the creation of a website, it has also become a target for so many hackers to steal users’ data. There is, therefore, an increased need to improve security for your WordPress website through the installation of a WordPress security plugin.

This plugin act as your defense line and will protect hackers from gaining access to your site. A WordPress website host will protect your WordPress website, but this protection might not be enough to ward away hackers.

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What will a WordPress security plugin provide?

Typically, your WordPress website host will provide security for your website, but due to the increased rate of hacking, additional protection is needed for your website.

A competent WordPress security plugin will offer the following protection for your WordPress website:

  • Firewall protection 
  • Malware scanning
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • General hardening of defense for WordPress based websites
  • Daily backups for at least two weeks

What are the Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins?

The list below highlights the top 10 security plugins for your website, their WordPress directory rating, and the price per year:

  • Google Two-Factor Authenticator 2FA Plugin


The google authenticator, as the name implies, adds another layer of login protection to your website. To log in, you won’t simply enter your password and username, but you will be sent a code required to scan a QR code or to provide an answer to a security question to log in. This code is not constant, it changes with time, you can send the code to change every 2 minutes.  You can customize to allow easy passage for some users than the others. The google authenticator has a free version which is of course not as reliable as the premium version

WordPress directory rating: 4.5 /5.0

Starting price for premium: $5

  • iThemes Security Plugin


iThemes is one of the best security plugins for your WordPress website as it protects your website in more than 30 ways. The plugin has a free version that will offer protection such as file change detection, forced SSL, security WP-admin, and others to your website. For the premium version, you enjoy an added security like the two-factor authentication, Google-captcha integration, and other advanced security systems.

WordPress directory rating: 4.7 /5.0

Starting price for premium: $80

  • Wordfence Security Plugin


Wordfence is also a powerful WordPress security plugin for your WordPress website. The plugin has a free and paid version; the free version gives protection like an anti-virus scanner, malicious URL scanner, and other free forms of protection on the plugin. The paid version, on the other hand, provides advanced security like country blocking, spam comments filter, remote scanning, and others.

WordPress directory rating: 4.8 /5.0

Starting price for premium: $99

  • Bulletproof Security Plugin

Bulletproof Security Plugin

Bulletproof security plugin works with the free and premium version. The free version offers the necessary protection for your websites like the file change detection, malicious URL scanner, and others. The premium version, on the other hand, provides advanced security features like auto-restore, php.ini security protection, and so on. The premium for the bulletproof security plugin is a one-time payment; that is, once you pay for the premium, there are no recurring charges.

WordPress directory rating: 4.8 /5.0

Starting price for premium: $69.95

  • Security Ninja Plugin

Security Ninja

Security ninja plugin provides a free version to test the plugin, but the free version doesn’t unlock most of all the protection features. The premium package of the security ninja plugin provides auto fixer, core scanner, firewall and other essential tools you need to protect your WordPress website

WordPress directory rating: 4.3 /5.0

Starting price for premium: $29

  • Sucuri Security Plugin

Sucuri Security

The Sucuri security plugin provides the free and premium package; however, the free version offers the necessary protection any WordPress website will need. But for additional features and more security options, you need to upgrade to the premium version. Some of the extra functionality the premium version provides are website firewall, varying SSL certificate, hack clean up, virtual patching, and other features

WordPress directory rating: 4.4 /5.0

Starting price for premium: $199/year

  • Jetpack Security Plugin


Most WordPress users are familiar with the Jetpack Security Plugin because it was created by the official WordPress website. The jetpack security plugin offers the user the free and premium version of the plugin. The free version includes security features like the brute force attack protection, whitelisting, protect module, and other security options. The paid version, on the other hand, offers additional security options like scheduled website backup, file restoration, malware scanning, and others.

WordPress directory rating: 4.8 /5.0

Starting price for premium: $39

  • SecuPress Security Plugin

SecuPress Security Plugin

SecuPress is a new and fast-rising security plugin for WordPress websites. The reason for the increasing usage is due to the great and easy to use interface coupled with WordPress security options it provides. The paid version offers additional security options like two-factor authentication, malware scans, alerts and notifications, and other advanced security features

WordPress directory rating: 4.0/5.0

Starting price for premium: $65

  • VaultPress Security Plugin


The VaultPress Security Plugin works similarly to the bulletproof and itheme security plugin, but it doesn’t offer a free edition. However, the paid version is available at a low price. The VaultPress security plugin provides features like restore backups, malware scanner, security tool, which monitors suspicious activities on your website and other amazing features.

WordPress directory rating: 4.0 /5.0

Starting price for premium: $39

  • Defender Security Plugin

Defender Security Plugin

The Defender Security Plugin offers both the free and premium edition; the free edition provides security like free security scans and restores of original files after scans. The premium edition offers additional security features like IP blocker and notification, unlimited file scan, login screen masking, and other advanced features.

WordPress directory rating: 5.0/5.0

Starting price for premium: WPMU Dev membership