Apiato : Fastest PHP API Framework based on Laravel

Apiato Fastet PHP Framework Based on Laravel

Two systems can always interact with each other using the Application Program Interface (API). The language and agreement of interaction between the two systems are mainly provided for by an API. Each API has documentation and requirements on how to transfer data.

PHP is a web development language. PHP provides easy and fast tools for web development. Web development can sometimes with tiring when building with some languages due to the long strings of codes.

Every web developer has one main aim, which is to make use of the developed program work. The development of the web with PHP is faster and more comfortable as the language is easy to understand.

You can quickly build your web with PHP and use API as a link between the various systems used in the development.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a web application framework that enables developers to focus on the writing of the development language.

The web application framework handles the behavior of the developed program like authentication, routing, caching, etc..

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Laravel works with a user-friendly interface that enables the developers to write programs easily and quickly. Though Laravel offers the ease of development, it provides some of the most advanced tools required in the event of modern and sophisticated applications. Without sacrificing application features, Laravel seeks to create the development method a pleasant one for the user. Calm and focused develops the most effective software. To do this, Laravel incorporates the best of what other network frameworks employ, including those in different languages, like Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC, and Sinatra.

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What is Apiato?

Apiato is a system for developing innovative and verifiable API applications making use of the PHP language.

The system provides a functioning and practical tools for developing innovative API applications. In a very creative manner, Apiato utilizes the most elegant frames, instruments, and conventions to provide a unique collection of characteristics for a conventional PHP app.

Setting up a new application program interface from the basics can be very tasking and takes time. Apiato provides the critical features of robust, fully documented API, without making any payment. Through this, you can focus all your energy on presenting your ideas more creatively and also deliver faster to your customers.

Apiato : Fastest PHP API Framework based on Laravel

What are the features of Apiato?

The following are some of the critical features of Apiato:

  • Apiato offers security 

The PHP API framework works with authentication means of OAuth 2.0. OAuth 2.0 verifies first-party and third-party clients with the use of Laravel passport. APIs generally utilize user authentication tokens and do not retain the status of the session around requests. Laravel renders Laravel Passport API Authentication a cruise which gives a complete OAuth2 server implementation within a jiffy for your Laravel application.

  • The PHP API framework provides useful Endpoints

APIs utilize the use of  “requests” and “responsesAn API will obtain a reply when it demands data from a web app or web server. An endpoint is called the location where APIs submit applications and where the resource resides. In other words, an endpoint is an end of a communication path. When an API interacts with another language, it is regarded to be endpoints in this interaction. For APIs, a database or service URL may be included. Each endpoint is where APIs can access their required funds to perform their tasks.

  • Apiato makes use of API Documentations generator

Every great and responsive API requires the use of a documentation generator. Documentation generator is a code employed to generate API docs from PHP docblock.

  • Apiato supports Cross-origin Resource (CORS)

Apiato endorses the use of Cross-origin Resource (CORS) and JSON Padding (JSONP). CORS is a mechanism that can be employed by all web browsers to make cross-domain requests. It enables legit open access cross-domain limits.

  • Apiato makes use of autoencoding/decoding of real Identities

Apiato utilizes the use of encoding and decoding of identities. To hide the real identities of users from the general public, Apiato makes enables this feature which is user privacy protection.

  • Apiato employs the use of API throttling

Apiato employs the use of API throttling which helps to control the amount of traffic received on a web. With the API throttling, which is a rate-limiting feature of received traffic, you can easily protect your server from Bot traffic.

  • Apiato support Data Caching

Apiato offers a way to easily handle or manage your data cache. Apiato works with an auto clearing on creating, update, and delete, this in turns helps you to properly manage your data cache. Developers can easily choose between storing data, creating a new data file, and eliminating the unwanted ones.

  • Apiato makes use of API versioning in the URL or header

Apiato makes use of API versioning in the URL or header. The API versioning is versioning based on the route file name. This is an advancement over Laravel as it doesn’t support versioning; Apiato creates an effective way to apply versioning for your API

  • Apiato supports shallow ETag HTTP Header

To reduce the client’s bandwidth on a network, Apiato makes use of the ETag HTTP header. The ETag is a web cache validation mechanism that allows users to send conditional requests. This helps to save bandwidth as the web server doesn’t carry a full response once the content of demand has not changed. 

  • Apiato enables Localization

Apiato is an API framework that allows the link-up two languages and allows them to function effectively without errors. Apiato makes switching between languages easy without upsetting the whole arrangement of the code. This feature is enabled via the request header field.

  • Apiato enables easy validation and authorization 

Users can easily take control of their apps with the request object when you build with Apiato. The approval of user data, ownership, and accessibility during development is rapid and convenient.

  • Apiato makes use of code generator command

Apiato works with the code generator command. This generator is used in generating useful commands essential in building modern applications. The code generator is an innovation to speed up app development. Apiato code generator is very similar to the Laravel code generator.

  • The developers get to make use of fully detailed documentation 

The world is an era where all things happen online; hence, a proper and effective linkage must be created for languages. Working with API allows others to access your development and also enhance or make an innovation out of it. With Apiato, all developers are entitled to proper detailed documentation of all their web developments.

  • Apiato makes use of the Porto SAP

Apiato works utilize the Porto SAP to build a maintainable and innovative software architectural design. The Porto SAP is a conventional software used in architectural design. The software helps developers to arrange their codes in a manner that is a reusable way. It is aimed at solving problems developers face when developing large web projects. It keeps the originality and functionality of the framework.

  • Apiato has a friendly user Interface 

The tools Apiato provides to assist in your web development process are user-friendly. Apiato works with an available Admin dashboard system with the login view. It also offers useful and responsive test helpers during development, for quicker and more interesting automated testing. This automated testing is done by a program known as PHP Unit.

  • Apiato employs the use of automatic dates conversion 

When a request is sent, transformers integrated with Apiato automatically converts the date. The response gotten from a request is presented in ISO format when developing with Apiato.

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  • Apiato is 100% customizable and open code

Open code means a code available to the public. Apiato works with an open-source code that can be completely customized and modified by its users. This allows creativity in web development as users can inspect, edit, and enhance the code according to their taste.

Why should I work with Apiato?

There are a lot of reasons why you should work with Apiato . These reasons include;

  • It is the fastest PHP API framework available on the Laravel network.
  • It takes care of crucial features of functionality of the app and allows you to focus on the development of better business logic and as a result of this, deliver jobs faster to clients.
  • It allows cross-linking between languages without any future malfunction of the developed app
  • It has more applications than the traditional means of web development (HTML).
  • It allows parallel relationships between the frontend and backend developers.
  • It removes dependencies between frontend and backend codes on the completion of the software.