7 Good Reasons to Use Symfony Framework for Your Project

7 Good Reasons to Use Symfony Framework for Your Project

After the Laravel PHP framework, Symfony PHP framework is ranked 2nd best PHP framework. It is stable, mature, reliable, and the most most suitable PHP framework for complex or large scale projects.

With its recent 3.1 version, developers can build, high performing and scalable web applications that can fit perfectly with the ever-changing business requirements of users. Symfony PHP framework, is a set of reusable PHP components, a web application framework, a philosophy and a community, all working together in harmony. It is designed mainly for advanced developers whose expertise is in the creation of enterprise-level web applications. If you are looking for a PHP framework that does it all, choose the Symfony PHP framework.

Why Choose Symfony PHP Framework for Your Next Project?

1. Choose from Over 50 Independent Components

Symfony PHP framework allows developers to choose from over 50 decoupled and reusable PHP libraries that provide a solid foundation for developing PHP applications. The Symfony PHP framework also enables you to use these components independently from the PHP framework. By making use of tools like console, finder, asset, form, debug, templating, security, routing, and validator provided by the Symfony PHP framework components, developers can now complete basic programming tasks without writing long lines of code.

2. Performance and Customization

One of the reasons why developers love the Symfony PHP framework is its enhanced performance and speed when compared with laravel. It is swift and provides a galaxy of useful tools for easing the job of developers. It also incorporates exclusive custom features and functionalities with which you can scale up projects at any time. The two customization available is full-stack and brick by brick.

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3. MVC Architecture

Symfony‘s architecture type is perfect for scalable web projects. This architectural system allows for better maintainability of projects and organized file distribution into Model, View, and Controller. The model represents the business logic of the web app; the view makes the model into a web page that can be accessed by users while the controller responds to all user actions and allow changes to model and view when necessary.

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4. Reliable Support

For all versions of the Symfony PHP framework, its Founders – SensioLabs 3 years support and lifetime support for all security-related matters. It is a stable framework with regular updates that are compatible with old and new releases.

5. Web Debug Toolbar

With the Symfony PHP framework, developers can improve the performance of all web pages on search engines and for user experience using the web debug toolbar. The toolbar allows developers to discover and fix all issues on a web page. The tools provided by the toolbar give access to information on cache, memory usage, configuration, logging, and processing time. The web debug toolbar allows developers to customize their tools to access the performance of each web page based on an individual criterion.

6. Robust Dependency Management Tool

With a dependency management tool called Composer, developers can effectively manage Symfony components. They can seamlessly declare, install, manage, and update the libraries required for each project.

7. User-Friendly and Ease of Use

With the Symfony PHP framework, you will find a user-friendly and easy to use interface that allows you to create applications quickly. It provides a highly functional development environment where you can focus on creating an agile and performance-driven application without stress.

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The tremendous community support Symfony PHP framework has garnered over the years gives credibility to its unique usefulness in the web app development market. It is supported by 300, 000 developers in over 120 countries from different open source communities, including GitHub, Drupal, etc. Enterprise websites like Spotify, NatGeo Play, and CMS like Magento, PHPUnit, Joomla all use the Symfony PHP framework. Are you still considering the best PHP framework for your next enterprise project? Use the Symfony PHP framework now.