Offshore Software Development Center: Why Your Company Needs One?

Offshore Software Development Center

It is very common that the companies who provide software development services are gradually moving away from having their in-house development team towards outsourcing to the offshore development centers (ODC). This type of approach allows them to cut costs and save more in terms of profits.

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What is an Offshore Software Development Company?

An offshore software development company is a studio that is located in another country and can provide a highly qualified talent pool and lower cost of services. Such a company handles the software development needs of the client company. The ODC may be located in any country globally. These services are far more cost-effective compared to maintaining an in-house team.

Software development includes all types of specialists like Dedicated Software developers, Automation Software Testing, Mobile App Development, project managers, Web Development Service, and other various professionals to meet the end customer’s needs. They also cover additional responsibilities like managing a team for bookkeeping, HR, and training and development needs.

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Characteristics of an Offshore Development Company

They offer a dedicated team for all the development needs of their clients.

  • The team works out of a specific pre-disclosed location.
  • The dedicated place can meet the infrastructural and security needs of their clients.
  • The ODC team is qualified to handle compliance and end-client company’s policies that would fit into the needs of the organization.
  • The dedicated team that the ODC has usually gone through an orientation program to understand the work ethics and culture of the client organization.
  • They offer cost-effective packages for clients based on their requirements.

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Benefits Offshore Development Center Offers

Every company, be it a start-up or an established company, have a particular set of goals to achieve. The rationale behind signing up with an ODC for companies falls under the purview of these factors.

  • To obtain a legal entity in a foreign country where the cost of living is low and budget-friendly.
  • Cost-cutting and increasing profit margins.
  • To gain access to a larger team of varied specialists without having to hire them personally or as in-house consultants.
  • Get appropriate security measures in place.

The biggest concern for most software development companies who outsource their development needs comes from the thought that is they are just a bridge between an ODC and the end consumer. It is a myth, and the company’s originality is retained even if an external ODC is taking care of the needs.


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