6 Best Mobile App Development Enterprise Platform in 2019

Mobile App Development Trends 2019

To create feature-rich, unmatched user experience as well as security apps you need to use mobile application development platforms. There are multiple robust platforms to switch to in an organization to tackle the legacy systems and numerous applications to maintain, and especially turn the business operations they do into mobile experiences. There is a difference as compared to their functionalities and features and prices and so on, below are the details about mobile application development platforms with personal detailed images so you can choose that fits you.

1. Appcelerator

The first mobile application development platform is Appcelerator, it allows you from a single javascript codebase to create mobile applications. Moreover, it also provides backend services along with the development of its app framework. The development process is done through two IDEs, App Designer for UI as well as Appcelerator Studio. All the staples that an app developer can expect are included such as database, push notifications, custom cloud API calls, crash monitoring and more.

2. Salesforce

One of the most powerful platforms offers three different ways to build mobile apps, drag and drop with Force.com/lightning, a hand with Heroku’s toolchain for a customized procedure and hand by Salesforce mobile SDK. Moreover, it combines the integration, distribution, hosting and the development and all the management for applications into a monolithic way.

3. Alpha Software

For mobile apps development, it is a complete drag and drops a way for developers at a low cost. A hybrid approach is used with the web view based PhoneGap builds. Its IDE is only available for the windows users as well as for those who install windows in a virtual machine. Furthermore, it also allows integrating 3rd parties services such as SOAP and REST.

4. Mendix

Mendix, another tool with a drag and drop approach that offers distinct UI elements through its Atlas UI. The mobile apps created through the Mendix are powered by Apache Cordova with the Hybrid review. But keep in mind that there is a dependency needed from the Adobe PhoneGap service if you want to build and deliver native mobile apps.

5. Kony

The next mobile application development platform is Kony, the main advantage Kony provides is, it is almost 50% faster as compared to the traditional development. The low code option is available in it as well through Kony Visualizer and because this simple drag and drops solution, their acceleration claims to be modest if you compare it with other low code options. They also have released the Kony Nitro Engine for mobile application development and web development.

6. Telerik

Progress, which is a parent company for both NativeScript and Telerik, then there is no surprise that the NativeScript is suggested with Telerik mobile solution. Telerik is a cloud-based development solution but it can only be plugged with visual studio and other few famous IDEs only. It comes with a lot of controls and provides 3rd party connection manager, visual interface designer, direct to the app store interface and more