Why Choose CodeIgniter for Web Development?

Codeigniter Web Development

CodeIgniter is an application framework for PHP. It allows developers to set up web applications rapidly, and it provides several code libraries to boost the tasks in PHP. Thus, if you need a professional CodeIgniter development company, we are here to help you with the necessary information required to make the best choice.

Why use CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a well-designed toolkit for commanding the PHP framework. It is part of the Model-View-Controller or MVC development pattern, a software meant to unscramble application logic through PHP scripting.

The MVC structure of CodeIgniter is a model or data handler with functions that can retrieve, insert, and restructure database information. It has data logic, classes, data structures, and many other PHP related functionalities. Besides data approval, the validation class validates the report by describing the validating item with a couple of pre-determined rules and pre-programmed error messages.

View (or user interface) refers to the data a web page reveals to users. A page scrap in CodeIgniter can feature any content, including an RSS page.

The controller (or decision-maker) is all about a class file connected with a URI and loaded by CodeIgniter. To load, the first part of a URL must match the controller’s name.

Also, the first character of a class needs to be in the upper case. With the parent controller class broadened, its function comes from the controller class. The role of the controller is established with the help of the second segment of the URL as it loads index functions.

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Benefits of Using CodeIgniter for Web Development

If you look to hire a PHP CodeIgniter framework development company, you should take into account the following benefits of using CodeIgniter for web development.

1. Faster execution time when compared with other PHP frameworks

A fundamental benefit of using CodeIgniter is that it comes with a better execution timeframe. This framework responds faster, and no other PHP framework can match the execution speed of CodeIgniter

2. CodeIgniter comes with excellent data classification

The CodeIgniter framework comes with several files application, along with sub-folders as controller, config, model, view, and many more. It allows the developer to implement the web development project better, as data falls under distinct file organization patterns.

3. It is the most straightforward configurations of the CodeIgniter PHP framework

The CodeIgniter MVC framework comes with a straightforward configuration. It only requires framework installation and setup as per your system.

From this point on, the developer can program and use the config.php to load the library, database, or ay other functionalities. Thus, it does not require to re-write the database name each time you use it.

4. CodeIgniter is one of the most secure frameworks

Its great security functions represent another benefit of using CodeIgniter for web development. In PHP, there are available several inbuilt functions for both input and output filtering.

Mostly, these refer to the encryption/ decryption processes, which are helpful for the developer to manage data in the secret installation process. 

Hire a CodeIgniter Developer

5. CodeIgniter requires less coding

Another significant benefit of using this PHP framework is that it allows faster web development. Developers prefer this framework because there is no need to use 3rd party libraries at all times.

So, if you are looking for rapid web development services, we recommend you consider hiring a PHP CodeIgniter framework development company. Your project can be ready faster than it is the case with other PHP frameworks.

6. It is easy to manage errors in CodeIgniter

For the best web development results, the PHP CodeIgniter framework is the most efficient solution. It permits developers to quickly and smoothly handle errors.

All they have to do is to type a code line, and all mistakes are displayed. Thus, with CodeIgniter, there are fewer chances of experiencing bugs with your web development project

7. It comes with great testing possibilities

Another thing that makes CodeIgniter stand out is its stage-by-stage testing feature available throughout the development process. Developers can examine several functions along with their performance rate and establish what the best approach for developing further the project is. 

8. CodeIgniter has suitable template solutions

Nowadays, it is common practice to undergo a web development project and make use of pre-determined template solutions. With CodeIgniter, the several template ideas available promote a better understanding of the project’s design since its early development stages. 

Want to Talk With An Expert?

Why Choose a PHP CodeIgniter Development Company?

It is indeed quite tempting to opt for the services of a freelance developer. But our expert opinion is that a team of knowledgeable CodeIgniter developers can offer you the most professional results for your web development project.

Amongst the benefits of using a CodeIgniter development company, we can mention:

  • Access to CodeIgniter Custom web applications – A web development company can offer tailored solutions to boost your business value into database web applications. These customized web applications are critical in all stages of your business.
  • Access to the backend for mobile applications – Professional web developers have the necessary skills to create web backend and develop APIs for mobile apps with the aid of CodeIgniter technology.
  • Access to Third-Party APIs implementation – Hiring a CodeIgniter development company can get you additional services such as payment tools, email services, social media, or analytics with the help of several APIs.
  • Access to Module Development – CodeIgniter developers can offer solutions in creating modules that suit your business needs ideally.
  • Access to maintenance and support – Working with a web development company is excellent because you can benefit from both web maintenance and PHP CodeIgniter Support.

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How to Choose a PHP CodeIgniter Web Development Company?

Before you select a particular web development company, you should analyze your needs and expectations. First of all, consider what type of website you need. As an example, think about e-commerce. It comes with a wide variety of logistical and technological challenges. The web development company has to have experience in developing e-commerce solutions with the PHP framework.

Of course, development pricing is an essential factor, too. Make sure to check all the fees, including initial design and development, and follow-up support and maintenance.

professional web development companycan offer a complete plan in which customer support is included for your project even after the development stage ends.

On-going support is essential, as moving your website from one team to another can lead to errors and issues in website functionality. It is best to keep your web development project in one place. The team that creates it is the most well-equipped to deal with any possible problems. 

Final Thoughts

CodeIgniter Development comes with several advantages like simplicity, compatibility, a wide array of libraries, or no restrictive coding rules. The MVC framework is one of the most efficient PHP tools, but it is always best to hire professional CodeIgniter developers.

A web development company is a go-to solution for any PHP project. You can get access to a team ready to tackle all the coding challenges that might happen on the way.