Design & Development

Project YoYo

This intuitive project management application allows users to follow tasks from start to finish. The Project YoYo platform has been successfully implemented to achieve goals in many successful organizations. Users are able to manage and complete specifics tasks. Administrators are able to track progress, issue updates, and confirm completion.

Smart Billing

Online billing is made easy with the Smart billing software. Successful invoicing is seamless using the Rockers-designed secure platform. With customizable payment options, this is necessary application for any brand to collect payment.


For any business accounting management is essential. Procur is a custom account application making it easy for users to submit expenses. This unique platform seamlessly captures detailed expense reporting to be delivered for expense reconciliation.

MyTurn and YourTurn

Communicated in separated or divorced relationships are often tedious. This web application makes is seamless to share information, track expenses, and facilitate arrangements without going through the anguish of communication.

Open Auction

Managing your auction has never been easier using this custom designed auctioneer platform. With a fully amendable open source framework, users are able to create an appealing interface for buyers to seamlessly purchase products.

Regional Pest Management

Developed as a government application to aid is coordinating pest management this content-specific site was developed for a highly targeted task. Organizing inputted data helps decision makers efficiently build a strategy for management of pests throughout a region.

Bills to Pay

Getting in debt is easy, getting back out is the hard park. Rockers Technology developed bills to pay for users to manage their journey out of debt. This multi-faceted platform tracks your finances and provides a simple look on how to get back on track.


This task community platform is a prime example of our ability to integrate systems into your workforce. Assess a vast amount of employee information and find the right person for the job. Skill Gator produces excellent results and happy clients.
And it is not end here; Rockers Technology has completed number of other projects for the clients from all around the globe for different business solutions, different niche and including different technologies. Visit full list of other projects developed by Rockers Technology by visiting link following. Also contact us via link following if you want to get quotation or more details about project you want to start with Rockers Technology.