Top 7 Website Quality Assurance Guidelines to Follow

Top 7 Website Quality Assurance Guidelines to Follow

Today everything revolves around technology. If given a chance, every person would try to dabble in web development by their unique content and technology. The competition in the world of web development has everyone on their toes, so to make sure that they attract the consumer market, unique and different content is required.

But quality triumphs quantity. Quality is the only thing that can sustain in today’s market, and thus, the web developers must be alert and quick to implement a solution to maintain their businesses. The most critical part of any app or web developer is the quality assurance which is on the following points:

  • Design Testing: Which includes the website’s general design, the visuals, the content, the general outlook, it’s working on different browsers and devices etc.
  • Functionality Testing: Which includes the functions available on the website such as search and login etc., if they work correctly and if the processing speed is good or not and more
  • Content Verification: This, as the word suggests, includes the content of the website, so it needs to be attractive and unique and thus needs to be checked for errors.

As quality assurance is necessary to ensure a successful website, these points can help you achieve a successful website. They are:

  1. Testing the design
  2. Testing the creative approach
  3. Testing the content
  4. Testing the team
  5. Testing website functionality
  6. Testing the SEO
  7. Testing call to action

Website Design Testing

1. Testing the design

So, one of the essential things is website design. As the website will be viewed through several different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and mobile devices, you have to make sure that your design works well with every browser. The consistency of different elements should be analyzed.

It would help if you cross-examined the basic functions like:

  • Plugins
  • Links
  • Logins
  • Search

After cross-examining all the browsers, your next step should be cross-examining it with different operating systems and mobile devices like:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • IOS
  • Android

This testing will help in determining the web accessibility of the website as with so much variety, and the website must be easily accessible.

Also testing it in different devices helps create a better website design that can easily adjust in a mobile screen, and proves to be a responsive design.

Testing the creative approach

2. Testing the creative approach

One of the significant aspects you should check is the quality of the website’s original content and design. As first impressions now tend to be last impressions due to the competitive nature of the market.

So there are a few pointers of the website you should check before launching it too, that are:

  • How the site looks and if it attracts the consumer base you want to target or not
  • If the site is attractive enough, in the right way and is not flashy
  • If the space on the website adequately utilized
  • if the contrasts on the website provide good readability or not
  • If the fonts are professional or not
  • Make sure that there are no errors or broken links 
  • The copyright year should match the launch date
  • Make sure there are no irrelevant images or content on the page
Testing Website Content

3. Testing the content

One of the significant things is web content. The content of the website triumphs everything else.

According to research and surveys, everyone stays on the website for 15 seconds before deciding if it is worth it or not.

So good attractive content decides the fate of a website. Whether the consumer will stay glued to the site or not.

It is necessary that your content is fresh and creative and is not a copy-paste version. As unique content can attract a more extensive consumer base.

So here are a few things that you should check about your content

  • It has no grammatical errors
  • It is readable by a larger group of people
  • Has proper spaces for better readability
  • The contents layout is organized 
  • There is no plagiarism
  • Checking for spelling mistakes
  • The content is consistent
Website Development Team

4. Testing the team

The team plays an essential role in the success of a website. Proper communication between the organization is essential for the website’s success. As each individual’s effort will bring out the best desired effect in the final output of the website.

The communication between team members should be crystal clear. All the strategy and plans should be appropriately communicated, and brainstorming should always be on the table as it could help in creating more attractive designs.

Teamwork would also help generate a better approach that can help in creating content according to consumer needs.

Testing websites functionality

5. Testing websites functionality

It is necessary that the website performance is tested and so that it caters to the client specifications. Checking the functions of the website are thus of great significance as they will determine if the site flourishes or not.

  • The navigation on the website should be seamless
  • The comment section for registration or login purposes
  • Crosschecking all the links performances
  • Checking is the site gives the best performance functionalities
  • Checking if all the fields are behaving properly
  • Testing the speed of the website
  • Check the performance of the website

While checking the functions of the website, a critical factor for the website is speed. The speed of the website should be determined because if the site takes a long time, it might make the client lose its consumers.

There are a few sites that help in checking the speed of a website; some of them are:

SEO Optimization

6. Testing the SEO

SEO is one the essential aspects of a website. All the titles, meta descriptions, and tags should be reviewed and confirmed that they are short and informative.

There are a few things that should be analyzed that include:

  • The URLs should be SEO-Friendly
  • The images should have IMG and ALT tags
  • The HTML site map should be checked
  • The competitors should be checked 
  • The search engine results should be analyzed
  • The social media icons should be linked properly
  • Researching the chosen keywords

It is not easy for a website to reach the top of the search engines, but with good teamwork and proper checks, it can. So, SEO is one of the major points to check during the development of a website.

Call to Action Testing

7. Testing call to action

Call to action (CTA) is an essential cord in a website, as it is a link between the content of your page and a high valued page, which might convince the consumer to fill a short form to visit the page. This is one of the ways that can attract the user’s attention and thus is recommended. 

There are a few things that can be done to make sure that more consumers click the message POP OUT, that are:

  • The message is small, precise and to the point
  • Colour is similar
  • Have the company name and logo
  • It has cross-browser compatibility



Many other things come in quality assurance of a website. Still, the primary thing is that the team of developers has secure communication between them so that many problems faced by the website can be avoided. Quality assurance is an essential and unavoidable process.