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QA & Software Testers

Did you original web developers just not cut it? Are small features failing to launch? Did you just complete a major project and want quality assurance before implementation? Rockers Technology quality assurance and testing team have the experience to test and pinpoint and issue that may arise with your new products. As a built-in service for any of our developed platforms, Rockers Technology is constantly testing across various platforms to ensure seamless use by clients across the globe.

Testing and assurance can be a simple step to miss when launching a new product. High costs may often deter production budgets from quality confirmation procedures. Our set practices and both manual and automatic testing features enable Rockers Technology to assure your product at an affordable price. Working with and cost restraints we can do quickly to extensive software testing before and after your products go live.

Among its broad technology offerings, Rockers Technology provides application testing solutions to help businesses and government agencies deploy applications that embrace areas like cloud and mobility. The last thing you want is an issue with your new investment. Rockers Technology manual and automated testing strategies offer an in-depth look at your platform before launch. Leaving no stone unturned, attention to detail is out forte. Rockers Technology comprehensive checklist process with bug reporting along the way proves successful in even the largest product launches.Trust Rockers Technology testing to cover all of the bases before launch. Our various environments will run extensive testing on your product under rigorous circumstances to measure performance. Based on market research we have scenarios and bug fixes before your product hits the web.

In the case of software issues are expert developers can work in a solution on virtually any platform. With a goal of improvement, Rockers Technology strives to not only ensure smooth operations of your product, or programmers look for development options and features to increase performance, reliability, and appeal to users and potential clients. Our total in-house system allows for a wide look on that can be upgraded both on the back and front end of your platform. Our software testing process can be optimized for marketability. Focusing on press and exposure, out testing can be targeted to reporting for exposure. Working directly with your market outlets, we can offer a unique outlook on the strong points of your product. Rockers Technology PR team will work with software gurus to develop the image of your forthcoming product to sell toward an intended demographic. Making your product appealing is the goal for any strategist. Reinforcing the successful features of the product and showing off the testing statistics will prove to consumers you are the right choice.

  • Manual Testing: creation of test case , execution of test case and do continuous communication to developer to fix this problem or reproduce bug.
  • Automation Testing: Discussion of application, understand main feature of application, framework design, implement selenium framework or QTP framework.
  • Web-Service Testing: creation of test cases, add all web service to SOAP UI and execute test case.

If you need excellent customer service paired with expert software and web development assurance, Rockers Technology is your best choice. Using methodic testing to develop product that perform the best in the industry, Rockers Technology team can give your launch the peace of mind needed. In the event of issues are on-call programmers are ready to go ensuring your users have no lapse in experience. Don’t wait until the problems arrive, contact Rockers Technology today to give your product the approval of success.

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