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Social Networking Websites

In the fast-paced media savvy world we live in today, social networks have become an integrated part of lives across the globe. Platforms from the simplest photo-sharing solutions to complex multi-faceted applications are used every minute by a variety of demographics. Whether you have a new concept you’d like to break, an outdated platform you’d like to upgrade, or just need network consulting, we have creative and technological experts to help you along the way. Let’s take a look at our process of achieving success every single time.

  • Social Network Demographic Development
  • Market Research and Targeting
  • Original Design and User Interface
  • Intuitive Sharing and Viral Promotion Options

Concept development and approval should start far before code hits the web. Our team does extensive research on your intended demographic to identify needs and successful features. An in-depth overview of your competitors will note industry best practices and audience favorite features. Using a creative approach we will list definitive inclusions that social network web developers will translate into a functioning site.

Unlike man y web-design firms, our in-house creative design staff is especially apparent when developing social networks. Since your intended audience is most likely extensively familiar with technology, a cutting-edge design and user interface is essential for success. Web savvy designers include branding opportunity into the user experience. We have the opportunity to build your idea into reality or offer formats of our own.

For community sites and targeted social networks, Rocker’s development team utilizes popular development technology. The Dolphin web community platform offers a great starting point for budget network projects of all shapes and sizes. Dophin’s library of intuitive features offers quick development and custom skin design. For a robust web community the Dolphin template is a constant choice by Rocker’s developers.

The ability to correlate with other leading social networks expands your opportunity to thrive. Utilizing UPI provided by today’s top networks, Rocker’s programmers’could give our users the opportunity to share your content across various platforms. This cross-platform functionality gives your site the boost that it needs.

On site Search Engine Optimization integration promotes visibility for content without hassle to the users. Smooth frame highlights keywords and subjects to make your users’ content searchable no matter what the subject matter. Our use of widgets and custom solutions give various options for search engine optimization.

Our view on social network development gives you a leg up by approaching from all angles. Keeping in mind design, development, and functionality all in respect to user experiences lets us over intuitive solutions for your social network development project. Talk to our sales team today to discuss opportunities and begin development.