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Selenium Framework

Now in fast moving a day’s technology has been tremendously advanced and well-developed. Basically this development is because usage of the internet. Now a day the internet has made even the most demanding and difficult works on the finger tips. For example the bank transactions like transferring funds to another bank account or mobile recharge can be easily done through net.

The current growth through the net has also broadened the business and professional developments. To advertise the products of any business companies is very important, but now the companies can develop their own website to fetch the customers with their works. The most demanding profession is the web site development. It is a challenge for any company or industry to continuously maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of software systems development. Without testing one cannot maintain the quality of website, so testing is required.

Risks of not testing your website

Testing website means many things such as testing backend, testing databases, functional testing, performance testing, and security testing, cross browser testing and so on. A website that has not been thoroughly tested then it displays compatibility issues.The most common reasons why new visitors to a site leave without exploring the site further are functionally don’t work. Those are some pretty big risks and all of them can be avoided by simply testing before the website goes live.

How “Selenium Framework” is useful for web application testing?

“Selenium framework” will be a boon for non IT people. It will give a strong platform for non-technical professionals. For using this framework you need not to be familiar with development as coding knowledge is not required. User has to simply create test cases in Excel sheet and rockers framework will execute those test cases, result would be generated automatically. This framework is latest in the market and is easily understandable.

Why “Selenium Framework” is right framework?

  • Can automate complete web application although it’s in any platform on windows
  • Can run on Internet explorer, Mozilla and Google Chrome also
  • User need not to be familiar with coding
  • Flexibility for testers of all skill levels
  • Easy to create tests sheets
  • To executes all test cases user just need to double click on batch file

What “Selenium Framework” can do?

  • It can be used by non IT people
  • It emails test result to any user
  • It captures screenshots while running automation and can save in folder
  • It can useful for repetitive tests that run for multiple times
  • It can tests that tend to cause human error
  • Tests that runs with multiple data sets
  • Tests that take a lot of effort and time when manually testing


  • It will automatically generates HTML report on suggested path
  • It displays total time required to complete test execution in HTML report
  • It displays step by step pass or fail result
  • No need to write anything in result column because when test over it will automatically write pass or fail result in the excel sheets
  • The Selenium framework will automatically captures screenshots & saves in suggested path in which you can see screenshot to know why error has occurred
  • And the last but not list, it will mail you detailed HTML report on suggested email ids.


  • In Support, Rockers Technology is going to offer you 15 used test cases without any charge
  • Rockers will provide you Guide to Use Selenium Framework with step by step guidance