Seat Booking & Management System for Event Ticketing

Seat Booking Management System

Introduction to Event Seat Booking Management

Events of all kinds nowadays require advanced-level planning and execution. Events involve seating arrangement and ticket management to be done properly. Seating management software includes types of seats, different types of seat selections, and many more added in order to follow the Covid-19 safety rules while mass gatherings.
The software is ideal for other industries as well as for floor planning and space utilization in the most convenient and cost-effective way. Offices, Warehouses, Stores, and malls are some places where space management and seat management are some important tasks to be performed.

Seating Reservation System Use Case

Softwares that provide seating arrangement and space management are useful in terms of potential usage and planning of available space in order to maximize utility. Social functions, Sports events, Floorplanning, or any company or specific event are some examples of why such software is useful.

The after Covid-19 world has raised some challenges for mass gatherings and even office work environment setups. So following social distancing and other safety rules is compulsory for any event organizer or company owner. As per the location, type of event or organization, and different facilities to be provided the organizer or owner will have the flexibility to design the seating arrangement chart.

stage seating arrangement

Organizer’s Portal

  • Design a custom space to plot exact arrangements on a chart.
  • Design custom seat types and seat groups for selling or for meaningful and proper group arrangements.
  • Group selection of elements for easy movement and operations.
  • Variety of elements for more detailed and informative space management charts.
  • For selling, perspective seat selection should be allowed in the most appropriate way.
Organizer's portal

Customer View

  • Allow group seat selection with social distancing enabled.
  • Easy to understand the refund and discount policy if applicable.
  • Access guide for online events in case of difficulties or technical problems.
Customer View

Features of Seat Booking Software

Different Types of Seats
According to the theme or occasion, the seating arrangement is different and so the tickets are sold in different categories over different price ranges. Event organizers should be able to provide different categories of tickets and position them as per the event.

Multiple Seat Selection with Social Distancing
Multiple seat selection is required when a customer tries to book more than one seat in a row or column or even in a scattered manner.

Post Covid-19 there are certain rules to be followed for mass gatherings.

  • Multiple seat selection with social distancing.
  • Default minimum distance to be maintained while preparing the chart.

Element Library
Depending on the venue and occasion there can be different props like tables, chairs, cabinets etc used to justify the setup according to the environment.

  • The system requires easily movable and rotatable elements with smooth resizing.
  • Element labeling and color implementation.
  • Image upload of different sizes.

Proper Labeling and Notes
Proper labeling for the elements, their usage used and the distance between elements, etc.
Notes for specific instructions regarding the design and arrangements should be allowed. Notes are useful for more details and insight. There can be settings for making it visible or not while sharing or editing.

Smart Setting Options
Settings for the work area, elements are common which includes size and color settings. Also, there should be situational settings for example right now we have a Covid-19 pandemic and we have to follow social distancing, there should be a set by default that won’t allow elements too close to each other.

Some examples:

  • Social Distancing | ON – OFF: Enabling this setting will not allow elements closer than the fixed distance to each other.
  • Permissions and security settings
  • Allow using a custom template by uploading files.

Theme Templates
The floor plan for restaurants, events, offices, etc is obviously different and also it requires different elements used, arrangements done and rules to be followed.

Also, allow custom template upload and image upload which can be used as a background image guide for space to be utilized.

There should be basic layout themes provided let’s say for a wedding event there’s a classic theme with round tables, stage and food, and drinks area. The same way basic themes for restaurants, office areas, hospitals and more should be provided.

Ads and Affiliate Marketing
Allow ads for similar interest products on the event ticket selling page, monetizing the ad or using it for donation welfare should be an option for an organizer.

According to 99 FIRMS, 76% of publishers feel the ease of monetizing is the best benefit of affiliate marketing.

Well researched and relevant affiliate marketing may not affect the customer experience and timely increase the site visits. This will also raise the event awareness and fund capacity.

Downloads and Drafts
Downloads in different file formats are necessary so that the chart can be used in different ways. Allow using templates for space management.

There should be a feature to save the chart as a draft so that in the future the same format can be used.

Benefits of Using Seat Management Software

  • Improves space utility in the most efficient way.
  • Improves productivity by limiting the access area for groups of people.
  • Makes it easy in case of new implementations or even Maintainance or emergency times.

Looking for a seat-booking system for your event ticketing platform? Talk to an expert now and let us help you improve your customer experience and ticket-selling process extraordinarily.