Rover Clone


Rover is a thriving connection community for animal services needs. With a variety of features, Rovers always find the perfect fit for your pet. Our Rover clone allows the same functionality, endless customization, all at a much cheaper price. Though the original format is set for Dog sitting, services, and boarding, our customizable platform can be built around any concept. The platform provides a functional network of geographically sorted pet sitters and boarding.

By allowing private dog sitters as well as professional boarding companies to join, platform users have the ability to find the best match for their pet. Offering multiple levels of search criteria, service providers are categorized by their acute criteria. The easy to navigate portal allows little room for error. With a two separate starting points for sitters and pet owners, the search begins on the home page. Detailed provider profiles with included user ratings with give your users an extensive view into the location and attitude of the boarders. Though many of these features job has to do specifically with the Rover purpose, our script is fully customizable for fitting into your original concept.

As the project begins our sales team will explore ways to fit the Rover Clone template into your job task. Looking at an existing brand or a new concept, Rockers’ creative project managers will iron out all details. Offering consultancy on designs and operations is just part of our process to develop a successful platform. Because many of our development tasks are centered on a profit generating platform, we take a complete approach to our services. After specific features and goals are solidified, our designers we begin compiling all necessary products for your site’s branding. In house creative experts are able to produce or refresh current designs. Before development we ensure your brand has a modern feel.

Our developers off of our existing project template modeled after the Rovers script. Familiar with all back-end technology, they can input the copy and categorization to fit your theme. Branding all edges of the site to your company, the product will be a custom interface. Using existing Rovers functionality and additional tweaks for your product the finished site will be just what your need. Because of the Rover clone template, development is done quickly and efficiently. Built it exposure and sharing will add an extra boost to your marketing campaigns. Before you know it, a fully functioning site will be up and running.

Before implementation, our managers will walk you through each corner of the user interface and administrative tools area. Our training protocol ensures that you are able run the operations of the site. While this introduction takes place, or quality assurance team will test the site and your servers. Making sure of smooth operation under a variety of environments is our top priority. The final step of production is implementation on your server. Our team will launch the platform live on your site. Watching the smooth transition our team will monitor analytics while users begin to search. With a fully functioning platform you will have what it take to build a thriving business. The efficiency and inexpensive cost of our Rover clone makes it a perfect choice to launch your idea. A functional community of buyers and selling is made simple through this streamlined script. Talk with our team today to discuss opportunities for your successful platform modeled after the Rover script.