Pinterest Clone


Pinterest offers a modern glance at today’s social society. Built around ease of use, the Rockers Technology Pinterest clone builds you’re a successful sharing community around a proven framework. Known for its ease of use and widespread sharing features, this format allows users to organize, manage, and share everything under the sun. Rocker Technology’s inexpensive solution offers fast production and unique branding to have your social sharing platform to the public in no time.

As a favorite in the web-savvy youth, the current Pinterest platform is a hub of sharing for anything that catches the user’s eye. Using the Rockers Technology Pinterest clone you will have the same functionality with your added brand flare. Pinned to theme boards, users can build a network of friends to share favorite ideas and experience with. Supporting a variety of media, the Pinterest clone platform has the ability to post everything from simple images to videos and web links. Our clone includes statistical analysis of user to help target strong demographics promoting additional growth and increased popularity.

We understand finding a social network niche is challenging. Our planning and design team will aid you in developing a concept before the site is even built. We will help with extensive market research to develop an in depth review of competitors, targets, and best practices. Though on the surface Rockers Technologyis a web design firm, our expertise and offerings reach much further. Once a solid structure is planned we will work with your to compile and develop design features to brand every inch of your new Pinterest looking clone. Though the structure will be the same our designers ensure that the imaging and user feel in unique to your site. Development is a painless process utilizing our ready to go clone. After working with the design team, our programmers will customize the imaging on every corner of your site. Ensuring that branding is evident across the board, we will connect networks, add copy, and put the finishing touches on your Pinterest cloned platform.

Once development is complete the implementation and launch process begins. This includes rigorous testing of your server and hosting to make sure the platform is function throughout a wide range of user environments. With this our team will instruct you on best practices and operation of the community. User troubleshooting processes are developed to make sure you are there when something goes wrong. Once ready to go, your Pinterest clone will go live. The Rockers Technologydevelopers will keep a close watch in the early stages to ensure a seamless transition. Additionally our marketing experts can suggest way to start strong by pushing your new network as a trending platform for the targeted demographic.

Our planning and development process is centered on success. Using our technologically robust products and intuitive design staff we take the guess work out of web programming. Using our technical way, you will be able to focus more on the development of your brand and less on your web platform. Offering tailored solutions for any task, Rockers Technology work with and around your needs. The Pinterest clone is a prime example of a successful script available to you at low cost. Don’t wait for your competitor to launch first, talk to us today about how we can get to work on your inexpensive Pinterest clone web platform.