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PHP-Smarty Web Development

Our web developers have the expertise to develop using the efficient Smarty PHP web platform. Utilizing the dual axis format, Smarty allows separation between the front and back end of website through development. This function minimizes maintenance costs by focusing developers on a certain spot of the site. Our programmers have the ability to design your Smarty PHP platform for future growth best meeting the needs of your organizational goals.

As with all project through Rockers Technology your complete team begins by understanding the basic requirements and goal of your business. Offering unique recommendation for design and development our web design team creates a plan that fits your brand. Utilizing the Smarty framework our programmers offer a framework that is easily interchangeable because of the unique tagging system. Keeping this in mind while devising a plan, the team will predominately focus on future goals and possible updates when determining how to and where to tweak the Smarty template system. The design team will ensure that all functionality of the template reflects your brand image. Once a front-end mock up is approved and back-end functionality planned out team will begin custom development.

Our wise programmers have extensive experience working with the Smarty PHP template. Through the process developers ensure no stone goes unturned for a seamless interaction of your components with the Smarty PHP template. Adding your design components and necessary features, our programmers build all aspect to keep your site’s appearance and production custom to your brand. The custom functions assigned to Smarty’s internal PHP tagging system allow easily interchangeable custom features. Designed around the ability to expand, your Smarty site will have the opportunity to grow with your brand. Rocker’s programs use uniform code so any future work on your site will be understandable to programmers everywhere. Once completed building the framework of back and front we will load your site for review.

Introducing your staff to the Smarty platform is an integral part of the development process. Our programmers will run through every aspect of front end functionality to ensure your site is managed smoothly on a day to day basis. The separation of front and back in the Smarty PHP platform allows ease of use when upgrading your site. Your team will be able to simply add and remove features across the platform through the Smarty tags customized by the developers. As always, your finished product will undergo rigorous testing before and after launch to ensure seamless functionality for your staff and users. Our support personnel are always available to get you through minor updates and operations.

Smarty PHP is an affordable development choice for projects looking at future expansion and ease of upkeep. Smarty’s integrated tagging system allows programmer access to changes system-wide in once area. Similar to a CSS concept, Smarty takes the next step in custom template development options. Talk to our designers today and determine if Smarty is the right choice for your website development.