KickStarter Clone


Kickstarter is arguably the most successful user-friendlycrowd-sourcing platform on the web today. Using Rockers Technology intuitively designed clones; you have the opportunity to achieve the same success at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for a crowdfunding script like Kickstarter look no further. Rockers Technology has a robust platform ready to be customize for your needs. The Kickstarter clones’ modern design gives your site the opportunity to create a categorized exclusive community of crowdfunding campaigns on an easy to use platform. Our customizable clone offers and inexpensive way to get your site up and running in no time.

Built exactly like the Kickstarter platform, Rockers Technology clone boasts all the features at your fingertips. Holding the blog-like category feature, Kickstarter is able to host a massive amount of manageable crowdsource projects. Already responsible for major funding in today’s favorite projects, the Kickstarter clone gives your users the opportunity to quickly filter to what campaigns may interest them. Once in an individual project the options are extensive. The requirement to offer tiered pledge levels gives backers the guarantee to be involved in the program if successful. Since campaigns are not funded unless meeting the full goal, the Kickstarter clone ensures that investors are not funding a project that will never be complete.

Our team will customize your Kickstarter clone to ensure that your platform is unique in design while familiar in functionality. Beginning with our designer and sales team our experts will research your idea to learn how to best integrate with the Kickstarter clone. Gathering materials needed by the developers our sales personnel ensure that a professional branded product will launch. If needed our design team can offer services that present your brand better than competitors. Once all brand recognition components are complied our developers will begin customizing the product. Their familiarity with the script makes the build a breeze. Seamless adding your look and feel to the Kickstarter clone creates a platform of your own. The complete user experience will be tailored to recognize your new platform like Kickstarter but original in its own way. Once this process is complete, we will aid you in launch. The implementation team will aid in training and loading the site. Our Kickstarter script experts will train your team on successful functioning on the site. Making sure you are well versed on features and user troubleshooting is part of the introduction to product. Once prepared we will aid by loading the site to your server and making your platform go live on the web. In the beginning stages, we will follow progress closely to ensure no issues or glitches for users or functionality. We will make recommendations along the way to develop and promote the site to increase users and exposure. In no time, you will have a successful running crowdfunding platform.

The Rockers Technology Kickstarter clone is an inexpensive and efficient solution to your crowdfunding needs. The proven user interface offers your targeted users a clear experience to explore, fund, or create projects. The extensive category capability leaves the amount of funding endless. Offer a specific target or keep it open for global funding. Don’t wait to develop your site in expensive way. Contact us now to get started today.

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