Indiegogo Clone


With many successful crowd-funding portals on the web, our programmers have built solid clone scripts to mimic much of the successful functionality of popular platforms. Our Indiegogo clone offers the look and feel of their system customized for your needs. The Indiegogo platform features the basic features needed for any crowdfunding website. With three simple navigation selections you can browse opportunities, learn how the platform works, and even create a campaign on your own. The customizable theme will be tweaked by our programmers to ensure a firm representation of your brand.

Our design gives you the opportunity to compete with the original site while growing your own concept. At an inexpensive price, clones give you the chance to start at the same level of successful sites running crowdfunding campaigns. Rockers’ SEO friendly design will ensure search engine visibility for both your site and the campaigns include. The user friendly platform will give users the chance to create funding campaigns just like on Indiegogo.

As with all our products the value is in the experience. From start to finish our integrated team will ensure your completed platform is ready to perform. Before custom programming begins, our sales and creative team will examine your brand to gather knowledge needed for integration into your site. Whether you are starting from scratch, or already have your name out there, we are here to take it to the next level. Working with you Rockers Technology will compile all of the necessary products to integrate into your site. If needed are expert designers have the ability to create logos and branding opportunities throughout the platform. Once ready, our programmers will integrate these points to make the site your own. Their expertise with this platform gives them a leg up when adding your features. The Indiegogo clone’s structure gives your users are attractive interface to present their funding campaigns. Since the pre-built platform is ready to go, development costs are low. This efficient development style is an increasingly popular way to start off on the right foot. The template has the ability to grow with your brand and expand further. For future upgrades and additional features our developers’ familiarity with the design gives them easy access to build your site. Once the design is completed, we will aid in launching the site. From loading to your server to ensuring initial users satisfaction Rockers Technology experts are with you every step of the way. Instructing you on proper use of the new platform is an integral way of building your knowledge and ability to successfully run the site on a day to day basis.

Our Indiegogo clone is the best choice to offer a familiar script at the lowest price. With many competitors in the crowdfunding market, the exact layout does not make the site. With the correct concept and the right marketing, an Indiegogo clone can be the fastest way to reach success. Talk to our marketing and consulting team to explore way for generating exposure and interest in your new clone site. The proven success of Indiegogo itself shows the robust nature of the platform. Using our clone, your will have the same product at the fraction of the price. Don’t wait, talk to our team today to begin work on your custom Indiegogo clone.

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