Imgur Clone


Photo hosting will never get old. In the present mobile society people are constantly sharing every moment of their life no matter how unimportant. Whether you are looking for a standalone application or a photo site to compliment your current platform we have the solution. Rockers Technology Imgur clone is a strong script to aid in photo hosting for any development project. The intuitive features of our Imgur clone paired with customizable settings make it perfect as a media drop spot. The user interface of this platform is so easy no wonder its one of the most popular spots for photos.

Just like Imgur, our clone script gives user the ability to upload photos, create albums, and even save accounts. With our ability to customize settings you can choose the length of hosting, album features, and sharing ability. The Imgur clone’s immediate processing gives your users an instant link to their photo. The ability to post, embed, or just simply show a friend your photos hosted a no cost is an in-demand service.

Our intuitive staff is experts at developing creative web-based networks. Drawing new fans to your site is our prerogative. From start to finish our consultants offer solutions to market the new platform and bring users in. Before development begins, our sales and design team will aid in honing your concept to perfection. By integrating market research, brand recognition, and creative developments we will ensure your plan of attack using the Imgur clone is perfectly executed.

Our design team will work with you to gather and develop all brand and image features to pinpoint a modern, professional look. With Rockers Technology in-house creative services we are able to develop logos and branding other web developing firms cannot. Working directly with the programmers, our design team will ensure your brand is integrated into every corner of your Imgur clone. The actually build out of the site is efficient using our clone format. With a template script ready to go, our programmers will be adding only your custom features. Without any major script changes this process takes mere days and drastically minimizes development costs. In no time your site will be fully functioning just like Imgur. You site’s custom flare will prove original and unique. After this development is complete the platform will be ready for implementation.

Our team doesn’t stop there. Training on your new site is a must, and is included with all of our packages. An expert will direct you through the ins and outs of your platform to ensure correct use. Basic user operations and troubleshooting will make sure your team can run the site on a daily basis. During this period we will also be running platform testing to guarantee functionality in a variety of your environments and browsers. Once comfortable our implementation team will load the site to your host and transfer the direction to you. Through the beginning stages Rockers Technology will monitor the analytics to ensure a smooth transition and workflow.

The Imgur clone is a perfect way to utilize a popular script at a low cost. The successful format has the ability to start your brand strong. Taking the focus away from technology issues, our team will give your peace of mind on your development project. Learn more about what creative solutions Rockers Technologycan develop for your brand. Talk with one of our sales representative today to begin work on you Imgur clone.