Gofundme Clone


GoFundme is an increasingly popular platform for a variety of crowdfunding opportunities. Focused on primarily donations the GoFundme platforms is one of the few locations without a collection requirement. Whether your focus is charity, personal, or project centric the Rockers’ GoFundme clone has the ability to create your successful platform. The custom designed GoFundme clone takes a successful script and makes it perfect for your brand.

Designed exactly like GoFundme, the Rockers Technologyclose offers full functionality. An extensive category bank and different funding options allows your site to target a variety of demographics. Inclusive search engine optimization and sharing capabilities give you the tools to really get your product out there. The GoFundme clone differs from our other projects by offering an open funding format. Allowing your campaign to take direct personal donations or monthly charity additions your funding needs can be met on an ongoing basis. With the traditional all-or-nothing method still built-in, projects are easily created to meet the goal.

Our team will work directly with you to customize your GoFundme clone to reflect your brand or idea. Keeping in mind targets, demographics, and goals ourweb design and development team will successfully build a unique product for your funding needs. Beginning with brand research, our design and sales team will work with you to gather all necessary components of customization. From logos to copy, our creative crew is able to offer suggestions and services that will boost your site branding. Once ready, the design team will work with ourprogrammers to integrate your brand into the GoFundme clone. The marketing tools and suggestions integrated by Rockers Technologywith show on every corner of the platform. With the GoFundme pre-built clone, our programmers can efficiently integrate your brand without any extensive coding. The updates and feature activation will create a platform that is unique to you. Once the short development period is complete, our implementation team will begin training and launch. Rockers Technologyfamiliarizes you with the platform so daily use and user troubleshooting can be done internally. Once you are comfortable and ready to go, we will launch the site on your servers and prepare for users. In the initial period, Rockers Technologydevelopers will monitor reports to make sure all functionality is smooth and users receive the best experience.

Overall ourGoFundme clone is an inexpensive solution for a reliable and successful crowdfunding platform. With a site that is ready to hit the ground running, you are able to focus on exposure and marketing. Even after your product is working smoothly as we have a variety of resources and services to boost your site and gain new users. The experience with Rockers Technologycovers every aspect of successful web promotion and development. Our team has a variety of expertise and ability to aid you in the development of your new site. Out inexpensive solutions such as the GoFundme clone are the best ways to start strong. Talk with one of our sales representatives today to discuss how the GoFundme clone can be a perfect fit for your web development project.

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