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No matter what your product is or how large your market, an online web presence increases visibility and translates to profit. The extensive range of eCommerce solutions available today gives you no reason to wait any longer on development. Presenting your product in an appealing way is often challenging in person, but in the internet world anything goes. We have a unique area of eCommerce expertise with varied product development and even custom sales platforms. From clone site development to custom storefront framework, we have done if before and want to share our knowledge. There are a few factors to keep in mind while designing an eCommerce storefront, let’s take a look.

The way you present your product is the first and possibly last impression your clients may have in the buying process. Web browsing is a pastime that no one can pass up, and your brands image needs to draw in customers. Our outlook is a blend of both creative approach and clear product view. Developing your site structure around a unique, modern storefront makes potential customers recognize and highlight. Rockers Technology integrates creative designers with programmers to achieve and artist outlook on custom development features. Quality control is key through your platform. High resolution shots and extensive descriptions will captivate an audience and entice a buy. The more opportunities you have to sell your brand, story, and individual product the better. Including accessible background information, reviews, and product specification all integrated with your platform will gain users trust and make them want you more.

  • Dedicated e-commerce Platform Customization
  • Intuitive Solutions for Product Presentation
  • Integrated Marketing and Viral Opportunities
  • User Experience Consultation and Design
  • e-commerce Connectivity with Current Workflow

As part of the user interface, your purchasing structure is an essential focus. Seamlessness and quick check-out is an often overlooked function that could lose your sale if not executed properly. No matter what your payment procedure, the process shouldn’t take more than 2 screens to enter information a receive confirmation. Customers discouraged by a lengthy sales process can quickly give up and move to a competitor. Choose widely-used payment centers and a build a streamlined operation that fits in with your payment and shipping processes. Many eCommerce platforms today host easy integration solutions to aid with not only payment, but shipping and inventory management if necessary. Inquire with Rockers Technology to see what different platforms have to offer.

To increase traffic and draw customer’s visibility and sharing options must be present. You may have the best product in the world, without being seen there is no way for sales. Search Engine Optimization features can and should be built into every single product page. Use generic and specific keyword functionality to maximize search visibility. We often use easily integrated SEO widgets for content managers to add optimization to each product. On page sharing options and incentives after purchase let current customers reach additional customers. Since a majority of internet users are already members of social networks this is an easy and inexpensive way to spread the work.

Implementing eCommerce best practices is a specialty of Rockers Technology programmers. Our experience with pushing your product and gaining exposure will make sure your product reaches the correct market. Talk to us today to implement eCommerce features that boost exposure, build a more marketable interface, and improve user experience.