Codeigniter vs Laravel: Which PHP Framework is Better?

codeigniter vs laravel: Which PHP Framework is better?

Codeigniter and Laravel are the open-source PHP frameworks used in the development of web applications. Both of these PHP frameworks prevent websites from hacker’s attacks. Frankly speaking, both PHP frameworks are highly famous among the developers and choosing a better framework for their project, give real tough time to the PHP developers.

Let’s discuss CodeIgniter and Laravel one by one:

Codeigniter Development Services:

Codeigniter is easy to configure, and uncomplicated to learn and use architectural pattern of MVC. Codeigniter is extremely SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and friendly to development tools. It creates highly interactive applications and websites that add high mileage to your online presence and augment your business.

Laravel Development Services:

Laravel is an open-source PHP-framework followed by the architectural pattern of MVC. Laravel framework is available with inbuilt templates, migration flexibility, and with API that is stable and ready to use. Laravel creates creative, customizable, and superb-quality websites. The codes and modular programming that Laravel provides are comprehended and easy to use.

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Codeigniter vs Laravel-Who is Going to Win?

As I already mentioned above that both of the frameworks give a tough time to their users. But still, we can compare both according to their specifications and workings.

Laravel Codeigniter
The MVC structure of Laravel is facilitated by a command tool called ‘’Artison’’ Uses the programming that is code-oriented
Supports IBM, DB2, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, JDBC, ORACLE, and MYSQL Supports MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft BI, Oracle, DB2, and MYSQL
Component-oriented, relational object-oriented, with in-built modularity features Object-oriented and event-driven-functional but it has no in-built modularity features
No JS library Included the JS library
Includes log management with authentication class features None of these two features
The descriptive and eloquent coding style that is highly appreciated by developers 3.x provides help and makes the job very easy for developers

The Popularity of Laravel and Codeigniter Can be Better Understood by These Three Perspectives:


Laravel has more market shares then Codeigniter. Laravel has 0.917% of the top IM sites while the Codeigniter has only 0.62%.


Although Laravel is the first choice all over the world many countries option Codeigniter also.


Laravel is the ultimate winner in website categories also. Most of the websites are made of Laravel.

Laravel Vs CodeIgniter

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of both the PHP-frameworks.

Pros and Cons of Laravel:

As We Observe The Pros of Laravel:
  • Laravel has faster executions and application development
  • Easy documentation
  • Lightweight
  • Very simple to follow
The Cons of Laravel are:
  • Slow platform and lesser community support
  • A lot of challenges for beginners
  • The legacy system shows difficulty when it is transferred to Laravel
  • As Laravel is new and underdevelopment it may have chances of minor bugs

Pros and Cons of CodeIgniter:

The Pros of CodeIgniter are:
  • It’s easy customization
  • Simple architecture
  • Built-in security features
  • Smaller footprint
  • Community support
The Cons of Codeigniter are:
  • It cannot compatible with the latest version of PHP
  • Shows no composer integration
  • Lacks exhaustive libraries

Hire a laravel & Codeigniter Developer

Laravel VS Codeigniter- What Would be Your Choice?

Developers choose among these two depending upon the type of project and its demands. Codeigniter and Laravel are immensely popular in their unique ways. Mostly the professionals consider these two as equally best options Because of the robust features of Laravel it has become the best choice for developers.

But Codeigniter will also remain in always because of its ease and backup with a large community.