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Other Services

Google has updated its algorithm in order to avoid low quality content websites which are built only for Ad revenue this itself indicate that how Ad world affecting the content. At least it is true for the web that good content is always hide by nasty Ads which annoys the readers and affect the overall performance of the web page be it loading time or appearance.

But in case of mobile reverse is working. Recent survey indicates that mobile users especially who are use mobile as a sole device to access the web response good to advertisement even many run a search for the Ad they have seen on the handset. This higher numbers of users create an interests for Ad industry as well as web designers who are eager to include good Ads in their responsive web design as a good source of income for their clients.

The real problems for designers to integrate Ads in their responsive design is that:

  • Good appearance of the design as aesthetics are still at the heart of the design
  • Functional design so Ad need to work on all platforms like web and mobile
  • helpful design where focus is on content, not Ads

When designer design a web page especially home page then he thinks good aesthetics which coming from adequate white space, but when he shows website running on real world his layout is cluttered with distracting Ads which may be flashy banners or videos that constantly disturb the attention of readers towards the content and make browsers to run at snail pace. If your design is responsive and goes to the tiny screen Ads will rob off all real estate and force the end users to leave website.