6 Benefits of using CodeIgniter for Web Development

6 Benefits of Using CodeIgniter for Web Development

1. Bug Handling

CodeIgniter is advantageous as it gives a simple and friendly user-interface. Through this, it is easy for the developer to detect bugs in the developed system.

Further, the platform gives instructions on handling the identified errors and how they can be debugged. The platform can be depended on to display all PHP errors without failure.

With this feature of identifying bugs, it ensures that developers come up with an error-free website, which can perform efficiently, enhancing the user experience and quality of the website.

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2. Customizable

CodeIgniter allows developers to edit existing files easily as well as allowing one to come up with any application he/she needs on the website.

The process of editing and customizing existing web files is simplified to the extent that even a beginner can do it. Compared to other web developing software, CodeIgniter is easy to use in customizing websites.

This feature combined with the ease of fixing bugs makes the application reliable in developing quality websites. Further, it makes work easier for web developers to efficiently handle their projects and produce flawless work.


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3. Enhanced Security

CodeIgniter ensures enhanced security, which makes the website developed through it to be reliable and safe. It has an enhanced encryption and decryption process, which makes the website reliable and safe from cyber attackers.

For instance, when building an e-commerce website with a payment gateway, there is a need to ensure that the system is safe and hack-proof. This measure is achieved through the use of CodeIgniter.

Developing a payment gateway on a website is not an easy task as it requires great skill and effort. But, with CodeIgniter, the process is simplified and is easily achieved.

Further, with the allowance of adding plugins and customizing the website, the whole process of building a safe and dynamic site to handle some special functions is easier.

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4. User-friendly Interface

CodeIgniter has a simple and easy to understand interface that allows the developers to easily find and use the functions they want.

From developing dynamic functionality websites to those that are responsive, the software allows the developers to have a responsive and reliable platform as they develop a website.

Further, the platform allows the developers to establish a flexible and advanced user interface, which is attractive to both users and developers.

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5. Easy Migration

CodeIgniter allows for easy migration between servers, unlike other platforms. The platform provides enough support for migration making one of the most preferable software in web development.

It is easy to move data into and out of the platform irrespective of where it was kept and where you want to move it to. Further, the platform allows the developers to connect and share knowledge.

Hence, if there is an issue in moving data to another server, one can easily get help from other professionals on the platform.

6. Provision of Model-View-Controller (MVC)

CodeIgniter has a framework of model-view-controller (MVC), which is essential in changing different illustrative and innovative concepts that arise from the users.

Through this feature, the concepts can easily be turned into applications, which will in return enhance the user experience and increase the dynamic functionality of the website.

With CodeIgniter, a developer can come up with a competitive Website that can give a wide range of web solutions to the users in an easy way as compared to other platforms.

With this feature, therefore, the developers have the advantage of ensuring that the website developed is tailored to meet the user needs and that it is beneficial to them. Such kind of benefits is hardly found in other platforms.